Friday, July 11, 2008

Home Sweet Home - We'll Miss You! (A Picture Tour)

Our cute, 1920's Home.
Front Porch.  Our porch swing! Loved sitting out here.
Living Room.  Oh, how I loved the beautiful staircase and the original hardwood floors!

Dining room/piano room. 

Our little kitchen.  Loved the color in there; it came that way.
Upstairs Hallway.

Our Bedroom. It always felt so peaceful in there.  (With Benjamin's bassinet sharing our space too. :)
Anna's cute, little bedroom.

Bathroom.  Loved the claw foot tub!

Backyard.  All fenced in and the perfect size for us.

(I didn't take any pictures of the basement, most of which wasn't finished and was laundry/storage/food storage.  But, we had one little room that was finished down there mainly used for storage, or a bedroom when needed.)
Yes, I went a little overboard on my picture tour, but many of our close friends and family never got to visit our humble abode up in the secluded regions of the North. Ethan and I have LOVED this house. We loved that it's old (1920's) and has so much character. We loved the woodwork, staircase, and claw foot tub. We loved the location (walking distance to NMU, the beach, YMCA, all the 3rd street shops and restaurants, and the hospital). We loved the size; this little home has just been perfect for us.  We loved the yard and all the beautiful flowers that came up every year. We loved our neighbors and neighborhood. We love the memories we have here: moving in together 4 years ago, bringing home two babies to this home, studying into the wee hours of the morning for classes, having my brother and Ethan's sister live in the basement room (on two different occasions:), backyard BBQs, shoveling out the driveway, weed pulling and raking, giving piano lessons here, baking with Anna in the kitchen, and just living - the day to day memories. Sorry for getting so sentimental, but I just don't know if I will ever love a home this much.
It makes it a little easier to move because we are already growing out of this cozy, two bedroom home. For those of you who haven't heard, we closed on our house this past Wednesday. It is official. We sold it ourselves by throwing up a sign, listing it on a few free web-sites, and advertising in the local paper for two different open houses. It was on the market for just over three weeks before we had an offer that we were more than happy with. (The buyers were moving here from out of town and saw it listed on So if you're in the position, I completely recommend selling yourself. We didn't really know what we were doing, but it was the easiest thing ever, and the Title company we worked with was great. Not to mention the benefits of skipping the ridiculous Realtor fees.  Yay for FSBO!
While Ethan is in Physical Therapy school, we will be renting an apartment in a little town about 15 minutes from the school. I am actually pretty excited to try apartment life since I haven't done that since my mission. As for now, we have stored our stuff and are staying with the Rayhorns for a few weeks before we move down-state. Of course we have to be in Marquette for Anna's birthday. Anna thinks this is the greatest - an extended slumber party at Grandma and Grandpa's. She is handling all the transitions pretty well. Anna is very excited that our "new house," as she calls it, will have a swimming pool AND she'll be getting a bunk bed that she helped pick out. I just don't think she quite grasps the idea that it will be very far away, and all her grandmas, and grandpas, and aunties, and uncles, and cousins, and friends will not be so close. We'll still have each other and I think this will be good for us. Challenging, perhaps, getting used to not having an endless supply of babysitters, but good.
So, on to new adventures!

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