Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Meeting Little Rorie

We have been anxiously awaiting the visit from Meg and Rorie. Benjamin and Rorie are exactly one month apart and we were so excited for the baby cousins to meet...and Anna too, of course. This first picture is of the two of them looking alarmed by the red light on my camera. What a precious baby girl!
We had the new cousins do all the usual things: forced them to kiss, wrestle, compared their feet.
Saturday we went to the beach with friends and family. Fun in the sun! It was really a beautiful day and the water was warm...seriously.
There was a dance at church that evening as part of the reunion the ward was having to commemorate 50 years in the U.P. Anna was a dancing queen! She loved it and danced her little heart out. She invited anyone who would listen to come dance with her. Above is KC dancing with Ben and Meg dancing with Anna.

On Sunday the girls wore matching dresses GramMelissa got for them. Too cute - even Ben's outfit incorporated the right colors. Always important when all the grandkids are together.
Anna was a little unimpressed with having two little babies around trying to draw attention away from her. One is enough, guys. hehe.  However, she was super sweet with Rorie and almost always addressed her as, "My own cousin Rorie," just so there was no confusion. We had our friend take some pictures of the kiddies, and family pictures too. I'll get them posted sooner or later.

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