Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fun on the Fourth -

We went to Harlow Park to have a pre-parade picnic on the afternoon of the 4th. We met up with some family, and Anna and her second cousin, Aiden, played at the park. We also saw Grandpa Dewey in the parade representing the Boy Scouts. My Grandpa LaJoice was in the parade as a WWII vet, but we didn't get a shot of him.
Later that evening we went to our friends house for a yummy BBQ with some families from church. The kids loved the sparklers and smoke bombs Ethan brought to share.

That night we went by Lake Superior to watch the fireworks. Both Anna's Grandpas came to watch with us. I love the first picture of us snuggled on the blanket because Anna is wearing her pirate bandanna that she insisted on wearing most of the day.

It doesn't get completely dark up here until about 10:45, so the fireworks didn't start until about 11pm. As you can see, Anna couldn't quite make it to the end of the show, same as last year. Her normal bedtime is around 8, 8:30 in the summer, so I don't blame her.

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