Saturday, June 16, 2007

Race at the Base

Ethan just competed in his first ever bike race last week. He's had his bike for almost two years and has done a triathlon and a few time trials, but the "Race at the Base" was his first official bike race. Of course I couldn't miss it, so I took a few pictures while I was there. I thought he looked pretty dang good (there's nothin' like my husband decked out in black spandex, oh baby). Really, I've gotten used to it and I rarely laugh anymore. :-) So Eth really liked the experience and he did pretty well...I'll let him tell you his time/placement if he wants. Most of his bike workouts he did solo, so it was a very different experience riding in a pack - the 'peleton' if you will. Anyway, if you click on the pictures to enlarge them, you'll be able to pick out my sweetie.

Summer Fun

Well, my whole purpose in having this blog is to keep people updated on my family - for all our relatives and friends who don't live close by, you know who you are. Although I've been pretty decent about posting pictures and describing events, I haven't really been sharing too much info on our life.

So we're right in the middle of our favorite time of the year - summer! Ethan works full time at NMU during the summer, but life is pretty relaxed and low key compared to when we have classes. Since we're both close to graduating, our semesters have been pretty busy...too busy if you ask me. I student teach this fall in a 4th and 8th grade class. I'll graduate in December with a degree in Elementary Education, English/Language Arts. Ethan graduates the semester after with a degree in Sports-Exercise Science. Right now he has an internship at a Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation clinic to get some experience. He loves it and finds it extremely interesting, so that's a good thing. We're looking at a few PT schools in lower Michigan for Ethan to apply to for fall 2008. As of right now, we're thinking the U of M Doctor of Physical Therapy program would be our first choice. We'll see where we end up in a year.

Back to summer: there are so many fun things to do with Anna during the summer. We mainly go to parks, on walks, to the beach, BBQ, and play in the backyard. Her favorite is sidewalk chalk. She would color for hours if we let her. We try not to take this beautiful weather for granted because the winters are so dang long up here. This summer has been especially fun because Anna can walk and do lots of things she couldn't last summer when she was only crawling. She loves to go to the park and she is way more brave than Ethan and I want her to be. Anna always wants to do everything herself...even climb up the tall slides. (We walk up with her, but she doesn't want us to touch her.) She is so funny and quirky! I just love watching her grow and develop and I can not believe that she is almost 2. I think we might even be ready to try and get Anna a brother or sister. Hmm...we'll let you know how that goes for us.

Ethan has been focused on training for the CopperMan Triathlon that takes place the beginning of August. I'm so proud of him. OK, I'm not that ambitious, but I do go for nice leisurely walks with Anna. I've been reading a lot this summer, making up for the school year when I only read class related material. I actually just read all the Harry Potter books for the first time in about a month's time. They were pretty good. Ethan had been telling me forever that I should read them, so I thought I'd jump on the boat.

Well, enough updating. Hope everyone else is having a fabulous summer!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Family Pictures...Finally:

Hey! Here are a few family pictures we had taken about a month ago. Our friend Brian took them and we thought they turned out great. For anyone interested, and in the Marquette area, his website is Wow, I had no idea how difficult it is to get pictures with an almost 2 year old. Anna really didn't understand why she had to stay right with us when we usually go to the beach to play. Because of this, many of the pictures show her looking confused or impatient, but we also have some smiles (see above). My favorite is the last one with Anna looking at my necklace. Anyway, enjoy!