Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Last Day of May 2009...

Well, I couldn't let the month of May slip by with only one blog entry. That would just be ridiculous. :) A few weeks ago we went to "Grandpa Tiny's Farm" with the SKIP program. It was okay, but not as kid friendly as you'd think... at least for one year olds. (A lot of information on dates of buildings, etc.) Anna loved petting all the animals, the wagon ride, and seeing her friends. Benjamin did not like any of it. He was unamused by the animals and wanted out of his stroller the whole time. Of course, as soon as I let him out, he would take off as fast as he could on his little legs (which is really pretty fast) to go explore on his own. Too bad we were supposed to be following our guide.
Anna is sick today, poor sweet cheeks. We went to church this morning and she was fine all day. On the way home she said her tummy hurt, but she says that often enough, we weren't worried. Well, she threw up all over our bed later in the day. Yuck. For those of you who don't know, we have all white bedding. I love, LOVE this look - the all white look, not the throw up look. I admit, not the best choice for parents of little kids, but we seriously haven't had any trouble (no pooing, dirty hands, throw up, etc) until today. And we all hang out in our bed often enough, although the kiddies don't sleep with us. Anna is feeling much better now, so hopefully it's just a random one time thing. Oh, and we just washed all our bedding yesterday...what a waste of money!
Ben has been following Ethan and I around incessantly, holding books and trying to put them in our hand for us to read to him. If we don't notice or don't take it, he sometimes throws them at us, or drops them at our feet. If we're sitting down, he turns and backs in to us to sit in our lap. It's pretty cute. However, when I say he does this incessantly, I am not joking. Even if I've sat and read with him for 15 minutes for the 5th time that day, when I get up to go give Anna attention, make dinner, or whatever else, he's right there, sad that reading time has ended, and trying to give me another book. Considering my degree in Education-English, I am all for reading to your children often. But this is just getting out of control. :) Again, it's pretty sweet, and when I just can't read to him anymore, I can *usually* get him distracted with another activity.
Anna is such a little sweetie, and says the most amusing, insightful things all the time. Unfortunately, I never remember to write them down, so when I go to blog about it, I can't remember. :( Oh, here's one: Anna and Ben had to get their blood tested for lead this week. Anna was so sweet and chatty with the nurses, right up until it was time for the poke. It was pretty traumatic for her (it took myself and another nurse to hold her), while Ben was completely unfazed. When we were driving home she told me...
Anna - "When I grow up and don't live with you anymore, I want to be a doctor."
Me - "So you can help other people get better?"
Anna - "No. So I can give them shots. I will have to mom, they need it. Then I will make them better."
So true Miss Anna.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So, I'm back. Three weeks is quite a long hiatus - for me - so be prepared for a thorough update. Although I realize I should make a separate entry for each event, extremely long posts are just how I roll, baby. Hahahahaha.

Mother's Day 2009

The kids and I took a week and a half long trip up to Marquette, and, unfortunately, Ethan could only come up for one weekend of it. So, he was not with us on Mother's Day...but he is not my mother, or the mother of my kids, so we'll let it slide. However, I was missing all the pampering he gives me on this day...and most other days. :) It's so hard to be away from him, not just because he is so helpful with everything, but because everything is so much more fun when I get to share it with him. Enough with the schmoopiness though. Above is a pretty sweet picture of me and my two muffins on Mother's Day at a LaJoice gathering.

Four generations. (My Grandma is wearing a tiara that she got from my mother.) A picture of Anna dancing with her cousin Aiden, with my Grandpa and Aunt Jean looking on in the background. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I. Love. Being. A. Mommy. I am so blessed to have two of the sweetest, most adorable little kiddies ever.
Anna and Ben help Rorie celebrate her Birthday
Jake helping Rorie blow out the candle. Anna helping Rorie open her presents.
Ben, happily waiting for some cake. Rorie sporting a new birthday outfit, with Benjamin clapping for her. Okay, he was just clapping because I asked him to...I'm sure Ben-Ben was oblivious to the fact that it was Rorie's party. Rorie turned one a week before this party, and they waited for us to arrive for a celebration. Thanks guys.
Wedding Number 1
A friend of ours from high school, Kristen Z., was celebrating her wedding the first Saturday I was there. The groom and groomsmen did the whole kilt thing, and it looked so cool. Above they are sharing their first dance. Then, a pic of myself with the bride.

Anna was a dancing queen at this reception. The first picture shows her just itching to get out there. Once she started, she did not stop. We finally had to pull Anna away over an hour later. It was sooooo cute. She and Ben (who has some sweet moves of his own) were the life of the party. Anna even cut in with other dancers...not shy one bit, that one. Ah, she is so fun!
Lake Superior
Anna picked up right where she left off with her love of the beach. Playing in the sand, feeding and chasing the seagulls, watching the waves. She was sad to find out that it was too cold to swim on this trip. It snowed - SNOWED - two different days we were there! There was some weather in the 70's too, so we got to experience the extremes of Marquette weather. The first picture shows Anna playing in the sand. The second shows Auntie May-May, Anna, Granny (the kid's great grandmother Lee), Ben in the stroller, and Ethan holding Rorie.
Benjamin did not like the waves...see first picture. We were at the beach another, non-wavy day and he was fine. It makes me sad because the wavier the water, the more I love the beach. The second picture shows Grandpa Dewey calming Ben down at the Picnic Rocks park right next to the beach. Those two have a special bond. It's sweet. (Grandpa Chuck and Ben have a special bond's based more on ice-cream. :)
The Rorie and Ben-Ben Comparisons Continue
Okay, so we've been here before. Just one quick look at the picture above and the extreme physical differences between these two cousins are evident. (They are exactly one month apart, for anyone who may have forgotten.) And it's not just that Benjamin is a little chunker and Rorie is a petite little thing. Ben is just bigger than Rorie in every way...taller, heavier, WAY heavier, bigger head, hands, feet, everything. I think it's funny seeing the two extremes together...except I'm the mommy of the wiggly, 28 pounder and my back is killing me. Thank goodness I love him to pieces.
So this time, the comparisons mainly focused on personality, since they are starting to show more. I'm not Rorie's mommy, so this will be a shorter description, but from my experience Rorie is a pretty mellow, quiet (compared to Ben), snuggle pants. It really is sweet, and reminds me of Anna as a baby. Yes, Rorie is one, so she's more mobile and is investigating her surroundings more, but she is so content just to be held and sit with someone for hours on end. Well, maybe not hours. :) Benjamin, for better or worse, is always so Out there. He's loud, constantly - CONSTANTLY - on the move, and in to everything. His exploring and investigating is so quick paced and slightly destructive, it's pretty much impossible to stay a step ahead. With Ben-Ben, there are two extremes...there is no relaxed in between. An example: He is either happy as a clam, walking around a restaurant, making friends, laughing boisterously and smiling at everyone. Or he is not happy with something, like being stuck in a high chair or stroller, and he lets you know it by yelling or screaming and flailing his arms. (The sign language I am teaching him is really helping with his unhappy moments...he just wants to be able to communicate with us.)
Ben-Ben is the opposite of a snuggler, whatever that is. The anti-snuggler? He is just too busy, and almost never wants to stay in one place for long. I do have to clarify, before I give him too bad of a reputation: Benjamin can be a little snuggle-bug with his mommy and daddy. This occurs mainly when he's sleepy, or sick, or shy and he wants to rub his little face all over us, and snuggle in. Oh, and he'll sit still with us if there are books involved, or some of his favorite songs. Part of me finds it endearing that Ben-Ben saves snuggly, quiet time just for Ethan and I, and part of me thinks life would be easier if he'd just go to anybody and chill out. But, I already experienced that with Anna, so it's fun getting to know this new personality.
Being a mommy of a one year old is exhausting, especially being Ben's mommy, and especially when we're traveling and not in our own baby proof space. But, this age is so rewarding and so exciting too. I love witnessing all the things Benjamin is learning and discovering. I love hearing him learn to say words and sign words and understand new words and commands. It is so exciting being able to communicate with him. I love his sweet little cheeks that are just perfect for smooching. And even though I often have to steal my kisses from Ben-Ben (he's more likely to offer a hug), it makes the moment especially tender when he'll give them to me on his own. I love him. He tires me out, but I love him.

Last, but Not Least: Andrew and Sabrina's Wedding
My brother, Andrew, got married at the Landmark Sky Room in Marquette this past Saturday. It was so beautiful! I am so, so, so, so happy for him. He and Sabrina are so good together, I love it. It's been very fun getting to know Sabrina better, considering before this trip I'd only seen her 2 or 3 times. The first picture is of Andrew, Sabrina, and her son, Austyn. The second picture shows the gorgeous, delicious cake Sabrina picked out. It is seriously the tastiest cake I've ever had.

A picture of me trying to keep Ben under control. That didn't work, so Ethan walked the halls with him. Thanks sweetie! (In the picture, Ben is doing sign language for 'more' in, "I want more food, mom. If I don't' get it now, I will start yelling, screaming and pounding the table." I am grateful that I have a few seconds warning. Oh, and Ben will occasionally do the sign for thank you. How polite. :) The second picture is a sweet one of Anna bonding with her new cousin, Austyn. He was sharing maraschino cherries with her - after he asked my permission. How considerate of him. So, welcome to the family Sabrina and Austyn! And congratulations again, big brother!
Wait, wait, wait. This entry is clearly not long enough. A few more stories should just about do it. 1) At Andrew's wedding I couldn't find Anna anywhere. Across the hall from the reception was a lounge/bar room. Finally I decide to look there and Anna is up at the bar chatting up the bartender. Geesh. I need to keep an eye on my little social butterfly. And just to clarify, there were other people from the wedding in that room, so it wasn't like she was totally alone in there...I just didn't know where she was. Oops. And story number 2) My Uncle Harry and Aunt Linda came up for the wedding and it was so good to see them. Anna just loves my Uncle Harry. Really, just loves him, and I'm not quite sure why. Don't get me wrong - I love him too; he's a great man. But Anna has only met him a couple times, and I'm curious as to what made such a deep impression on her. During church on Sunday Anna sat snuggled on his lap for about 15 minutes like a little angel. Why won't she ever do this with me when I want her to sit quietly so I can listen to the speakers?! Hmmm, I'll have to get some pointers from Uncle Har-Bear.