Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Last Day of May 2009...

Well, I couldn't let the month of May slip by with only one blog entry. That would just be ridiculous. :) A few weeks ago we went to "Grandpa Tiny's Farm" with the SKIP program. It was okay, but not as kid friendly as you'd think... at least for one year olds. (A lot of information on dates of buildings, etc.) Anna loved petting all the animals, the wagon ride, and seeing her friends. Benjamin did not like any of it. He was unamused by the animals and wanted out of his stroller the whole time. Of course, as soon as I let him out, he would take off as fast as he could on his little legs (which is really pretty fast) to go explore on his own. Too bad we were supposed to be following our guide.
Anna is sick today, poor sweet cheeks. We went to church this morning and she was fine all day. On the way home she said her tummy hurt, but she says that often enough, we weren't worried. Well, she threw up all over our bed later in the day. Yuck. For those of you who don't know, we have all white bedding. I love, LOVE this look - the all white look, not the throw up look. I admit, not the best choice for parents of little kids, but we seriously haven't had any trouble (no pooing, dirty hands, throw up, etc) until today. And we all hang out in our bed often enough, although the kiddies don't sleep with us. Anna is feeling much better now, so hopefully it's just a random one time thing. Oh, and we just washed all our bedding yesterday...what a waste of money!
Ben has been following Ethan and I around incessantly, holding books and trying to put them in our hand for us to read to him. If we don't notice or don't take it, he sometimes throws them at us, or drops them at our feet. If we're sitting down, he turns and backs in to us to sit in our lap. It's pretty cute. However, when I say he does this incessantly, I am not joking. Even if I've sat and read with him for 15 minutes for the 5th time that day, when I get up to go give Anna attention, make dinner, or whatever else, he's right there, sad that reading time has ended, and trying to give me another book. Considering my degree in Education-English, I am all for reading to your children often. But this is just getting out of control. :) Again, it's pretty sweet, and when I just can't read to him anymore, I can *usually* get him distracted with another activity.
Anna is such a little sweetie, and says the most amusing, insightful things all the time. Unfortunately, I never remember to write them down, so when I go to blog about it, I can't remember. :( Oh, here's one: Anna and Ben had to get their blood tested for lead this week. Anna was so sweet and chatty with the nurses, right up until it was time for the poke. It was pretty traumatic for her (it took myself and another nurse to hold her), while Ben was completely unfazed. When we were driving home she told me...
Anna - "When I grow up and don't live with you anymore, I want to be a doctor."
Me - "So you can help other people get better?"
Anna - "No. So I can give them shots. I will have to mom, they need it. Then I will make them better."
So true Miss Anna.

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