Thursday, July 17, 2008

Anna's Auntie "Hash-ley"

Anna just loves her Auntie Ashley. (Along with her other Aunties, but these two just have a special bond right now.) Anna says her name like hash browns, Hashley, and we're not really sure why because she says all her other 'A' sounds fine. So, Anna sometimes asks about her during the day and is just certain Ash wants to come and play with her. Once she told me, "Probably Hash-ley wants to take me to Frosting Treats." Yes, Ash has occasionally got Anna a cone at Frosty Treats. Ashley also had a slumber party with Anna. Anna thought it was the coolest thing ever and talked about it for days leading up to it. OK, I thought she'd change her mind and want to come home but no-no, not Anna. She had too much fun. Ashley is so great with kids, and especially her own niece. Anna is such a lucky girl with some of the best Aunties ever: May-May, Hash-ley, KC, Auntie Beth and Auntie Christie. You guys are awesome!!!

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