Sunday, April 10, 2011

Benjamin Bear Turns THREE! . . .

ME:  Ben-Ben, I think I'm gonna cry.
BEN:  But, but, but why, momma?
ME: Because I don't want you to be three. I want you to stay my two year old boy forever.  And  it makes me feel a little sad.
BEN:  No.  Don't cry momma.  Because, because I'm just your three year old boy now. 

Blowing out the candles on his pancakes at Ben-Ben's family birthday breakfast at Chuck and Melissa's.  Yum!
Anna helping her little brother open his presents; Caleb J. resting up with Uncle Joe. . . or Uncle Joe resting up with Caleb J. hehe.  What a fatty!  (Not Joe. . . Caleb. :); Three of the cousins munching on the breakfast deliciousness.
More present opening.  Almost everyone was in pj's for Benjamin's birthday breakfast, and my two sweeties wanted to wear their adorable robes too.  (Ben's is courtesy of Grampa Chuck, who brought it back from his trip to Turkey; Anna's is courtesy of Gramma Susan...because she had an obsession with having a "fancy" robe like Fancy Nancy...colorful polka dots, heart shaped pockets. . . you can't get much fancier than that!  :) 
Anna checking out some of Benjamin's presents;  Ethan and Ben-Ben trying out one of the biggest hits...a new rocket! Fun, fun. 


Okay, so I'm sure you've noticed by the pictures that Ben-Ben's birthday party was at Burger King.  Not that I think there's anything wrong with that . . . BUT I typically l-o-v-e planning and organizing my babies parties, and having themes.  Like my favorite party ever, HERE, or this fun one, HERE (you have to scroll down), or this super fancy one, HERE, or this adorable but easy one, HERE.  Okay, I'll stop.  You get the idea.  Well, as you've all read in much detail, it's been a pretty crazy-busy ohhhhh . . . five months or so.  SO, when we were at Burger King over a month ago (to get Anna and Ben some exercise during the long winter),  we happened to see a little girl having a party there.  Benjamin said, "Can I have my birthday at Burger King too, mama, with presents and cupcakes and how 'bout balloons?"  And I thought to myself, "Oh my gosh, that is so PERFECT for this year!"  Easy, simple, fun, with almost no set up or clean up.  I decided to even stick with the theme of "easy" or "Burger King," whatever you want to call it, hehe, and got store bought cupcakes.  Ahhh, that's one of the best ideas little Benjamin has ever had.  hehe.  (And did you know they discount kids meals if you're there for a birthday?  Nice added bonus.)  And you know, the most important part - Benjamin had a blast...and all the kids had fun playing, eating, playing some more.  Perfect.  

(But, maybe I do feel a little guilty about doing his party at Burger King, because I've already mentally planned out Ben's next birthday, and Anna's next two. hehe.  :)        
Playing around and eating some lunch.  Anna, of course, wanted to wear a fancy dress to the party, but we compromised with this cute, but casual one she has.  Little girls! :)   

Cupcake time!  And yeah, Ben-Ben sang along to the birthday song too.  He was so happy at his party!  It was perfect.  :)   
Blowing out candles and opening presents!
                                                                             "Look mama, I got a magnifying glass!  Do you see me?!"

More presents!  (And he STILL had another present to open from Gramma Susie and Grampa Dewey later that night, complete with ice cream and candles again. . . kids - they've got it made. . . maybe a little too much. :)  Oh, and I love that Benjamin decided to catch some party favors - blowers and bubbles - in his net since he couldn't find any bugs.  ha. 

A few things I LOVE about my birthday boy:  Benjamin is so full of life!  He is such a handsome, adorable little guy. . . especially when his dimple dimples. :)  He is quite the smartie.  Seriously, just talk to'll see.  hehe.  (Or do puzzles with him, or watch him "write" and draw pictures and explain them to you, or listen to all the things he's memorized on his own, or "read" books with him, or . . . well, you get the idea. :)  Ben-Ben is my little snuggle bug.  During the day, he will often come up to me for hugs, to rub his head on me, for holding, or just to say, "I wanna snuggle you mama."  (However, he is only affectionate on his own terms. . . it's not something you can force with him. . . like most two/three year old I've met. :)  He is so clever and funny.  He loves to be silly.  He loves order, and loves to remind Anna and Rorie (his cousin) of the "rules", even though he isn't always perfect at following them himself.  Benjamin often shows genuine concern and love for his little brother and big sister.  He loves the outdoors and exploring.  Ben-Ben is a good friend.  He loves his family, and loves living near part of his big, extended family.  So often lately, Ben-Ben will randomly say to someone, "I love you, ____." and he just sounds so sincere.  (I always wonder what he is thinking about that randomly prompts him to say that to his mommy, or daddy, or grandparents, or siblings, or Aunties, or Uncles, or friends.  It is sweetness!)  Ben-Ben loves imaginative play and dress up.  So entertaining to watch.  This boy loves to eat!  Always.  And he eats a healthy, flavorful variety of foods...but of course loves a good treat too - especially Jilbert's Dairy.  :)  Some of the sweetest prayers come out of Benjamin's little mouth, and it just makes me smile.  He loves to sing.  He loves to dance, just like his daddy :).  He loves to play with balls and dinosaurs. . . or with anything his big sister has or loves.  (Which is also why his favorite color right now is pink.  hehe.)  I LOVE MY LITTLE BENJAMIN BEAR!  We are so blessed he was sent to our family.  Now, stop growing up so fast, little mister!           

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