Thursday, August 19, 2010


Anna had a 5 year old birthday extravaganza this year, despite my goal to keep things simple. Well, I guess it was simple enough, the celebrations were just spread out over a few weeks. What a lucky little sweet potato.

Anna's Special Day!

Anna on her birthday morning. She opened her gift from us first thing. Candy Land! She has wanted that game for forever! And, Daddy made her a special birthday breakfast. So sweet.

We had balloons blown up all over the basement, where we were staying at Chuck and Melissa's. Anna woke up to them, and later in the day, she and Ben-Ben decided to put all of them in his pack-n-play. Good idea. Anna made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies with Grandma Susan. AND, during Benjamin's nap, Ethan took Anna to a Mad Hatter's Tea Party at the library. What a fun coincidence. But the day's not over yet . . .

McDonald's! Anna picked out a "birthday cookie" at Econo, and one for each of the babies too. In the picture above, she is blowing out an imaginary candle.
As you can see from the pics, they all thoroughly enjoyed their cookies. Yum!
More Celebrating!
I already mentioned the birthday dinner/party at Chuck and Melissa's the Sunday following Anna's birthday. She wasn't too happy she had to share the glory with Ethan, but she Anna still had her party coming up. But, before that, she had two special "birthday dates." Auntie Ashley took Anna out to the salon to have her nails done, complete with sparkles and jewels....and ice cream. So special. Then, a few days later, Uncle Andrew and Auntie Sabrina took Anna out to pick out a new outfit, and purse, for school...and ice cream. So fun for her!

The Party!
Last year I felt like we went all out for Anna's birthday, see HERE, and I wanted to keep it simple this year. So, we just invited the three girls that are in Anna's church class, and had a cute, little pajama party. It was so simple, and so fun for the girls. Anna looooooved it!

Hannah, Anna, Kate, and Riliegh - Snuggled in with the stuffed animals, ready for the movie.

Enjoying some snacks during the flick. After, someone had the suggestion to have a pillow fight. Since we didn't have any pillows, the girls used the stuffed animals. Then, they decided to gang up on the older girls. (Anna's cousin Rebecca, and her friend Eliza were helping out. The party was at my sister Beth's house.)

Treats and presents. The craft that Rebecca showed to the girls - embellished headbands. So cute!

Time for cupcakes! Make a wish sweet pea!
More fun, and more silliness! I love the picture of the four girls modeling one of their headbands. The headbands, and the girls, are so adorable! This was right before Anna opened her sweet presents. The rest of the time, the girls spent playing with Rebecca's polly pockets and went out to the swing set/fort for a bit. Such a fun little party!
Later that day we were at GraMelissa's and Grandpa Chuck's house. Anna wanted to show them some of her presents, including this adorable skirt she is modeling in the picture with Riley. What a fun day. And now her celebrating is over...for another year. I love my sweet baby girl! I feel so blessed to be her mommy.


Fam-tastic said...

So cute! It seems like yesterday I was holding her when she was just a newborn. Happy Birthday Anna!

Kelly said...

I am so behind on your blog! You're such a good mom. It's fun to see pictures of all the great things you're doing with your kids. And the story about Anna making you a sandwich is hilarious :)

Diana said...

what a cutie!
Happy Birthday to the 5 year old!