Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Fancy 4th Birthday for Miss Fancy Pants...

Anna isn't the girliest girl I know, and I love that she is so well rounded. But, she does love to dress up every so often, and is certainly drawn to girly things lately. (Though she still loves pirates, cars, kung foo, etc.) Anna LOVES the Fancy Nancy books, seen above. I enjoy the stories too, and especially love the excellent vocabulary the books introduce to a young, fancy audience. So, for her fourth birthday this year, we went all out. We planned the fanciest little party together. It was so fun having Anna involved. And as you can tell from above, she was very excited for her party.
First picture - Anna playing one of the princess games with her little friends. (They all got a turn, but Anna thought she should go first since she was the birthday girl.) Second picture - Anna opening a present. Third - More present opening. (We had little toys for the kids to play with during this time...and Anna was much better than last year at letting her friends see/play with her new toys.)

Cake - yum, yum! (My mom made and decorated it. Nice.)

First - Anna enjoying the deliciousness. Second - Gram Melissa helping the kiddies with the fancy crafts. (Decorating fancy bookmarks for a book each recieved.) Third - Grama Susan dishing up some cake.

First - Auntie May-May sporting some of the fanciness she stole from the girls. :) Second - Anna and her cousin Austyn, who she just loves, and who is willing to humor her. Third - Anna and Becca looking through the birthday presents. So fun!
First - Eliza reading a new book to Kate and Anna. So sweet. Second - Grandpa Dew and Benjamin finishing up some yummy cake.
The beautiful cake, and some shots of the decorating that took my mom and I two whole hours to complete. (Lets just say I've already planned out a low key, yet special, party for Anna next year. It does not involve decorations.) Even though it was some work, I'm so glad we did this. Anna just loved it, and woke up on her birthday to the house being all decorated. She had such a fun day, and is such a little sweet pea. To top off her birthday fun, she had a special slumber party with her Auntie Ashley. Ahhh...lucky girl.
I love Anna so much and can't believe she is already four years old. She is such a thoughtful, smart, imaginative, funny little girl. I'm so blessed to be Anna's mommy.


Being Doby said...

That looked like one fun birthday! Tell Anna that I wish her a Happy 4th birthday : ) She is grown up so fast.

Amy E said...

So cute and fun! I want to know what other "Fancy" things you did for activities, etc. Maybe our girls will have a fancy birthday this year! ( we love the books too!)

Kelly said...

Looks like a great party! The cake looks great. Have you taken a class or are you just naturally amazing?