Thursday, August 20, 2009

This Is Going To Be Epic...

Marquette Michigan 2009. Lower Harbor. Ethan and Anna.

Johnson's Beach. Cousins Ben, Anna and Rorie. Rorie Kenison floating out to sea.

Anna and Uncle Stuart. Floaty train.

South Beach.

LaJoice Family Picnic. Presque Isle Park. Cousins (second cousins)! Gma Susan and Ben petting Huck, Amanda, Beth. Stuart, Ben, Ethan and Sabrina.
Slumber Party with Auntie KC. Silly faces!

Laughing White Fish Falls. Jones' and Rayhorns. Anna and cousin Austyn.

Ben in the woods. Grandpa Dewey and Ben-Ben leading the way. Getting a sip from the pump - Andrew, Ethan, Anna, Austyn.

Black Rocks Cliff Jumping. Ethan and Ashley. Jake, Angela, Meghan.
KC, Jake, Ethan, Angela (pics of me actually jumping are on fb, Meghan. Joe (my favorite action shot).

Marquette County Fair. KC and Anna on the slide. Ethan showing Benjamin a horse.

Anna on a rollercoaster all by herself. Anna eating fair food. Ash, Joe and Ethan preparing for the race.

Little Presque Isle Anna and Ben-Ben playing together - sweet. Eth, Ben, KC, Anna playing ball.

KC and Anna on the island. Melissa, Rorie and Meghan going on a walk (Ethan exfoliates himself with Lake Superior sand).

Gwen, Melissa, Mike, Rorie and Levi enjoying the beach.

U.P. Children's Museum! Anna and Mommy reading. GGG and Anna in the tree's nest. Ben found drums (a common occurence in his life).

Petting reptiles. Ben and Rorie - dueling pianists. Ben-Ben and G.Gpa Mike in the construction zone.

Camping at Camp Hiawatha! Ben-Ben eating fresh blueberries (and dirt). Anna supervising the fire.
Ethan and Benjamin going for a dip in the lake.

Rorie and Ben exploring the woods. Canoeing - Kenisons and Rayhorns (and Teva).

Our 2009 trip to Marquette, Michigan.
I've been trying to figure out a way to journal about our amazing family vacation, without getting carried away. In the two and a half weeks we were there, we did so many fun things, and I have sooooo many pictures as proof. Now, how to narrow it down. Hmmmm... I've decided I'm just going to list the highlights of the trip, and try to pick out a few of my favorites from the pictures. We'll see how it goes. (Most of the pictures are uploaded to facebook, if you're at all interested.)

20 Things I loved about our vacation:

1.) Family - including Rayhorns, Jones', LaJoices, and Parr families. (Ethan's grandparents, Mike and Gwen, were visiting from Arizona a few days we were there.) Wonderful quality time.
2.) Seeing old friends from church, college and high school. (We love the Marquette Ward! We love you Amy P.! We love and miss you McMillans! To name a few.)
3.) Trivia night at J.T.'s Shaft, in which we won three different times, on two different occasions. Yay!
4.) Swimming in Lake Superior! - Little Presque Isle, South Beach, Johnson's Beach, Black rocks.
5.) Cliff jumping at Black Rocks, twice. (And witnessing Amy P.'s and KC's first time jumping.)
6.) U.P. Children's Museum with Rayhorns and Parrs. That place is magical.
7.) Delicious, local restaurants - Border Grill, Thai House, Landmark, Coco's, Vangos, and Frosty Treats.
8.) Playing tennis - couples matches with Andrew/Sabrina and twice with Beth/Stuart, and once just Ethan and I (we are not equally matched).
9.) Camping!!! Kenison fam, my parents, and us (KC and Chuck visited for the evening). It was so fun, so beautiful, and so sad that Anna, and then Rorie were sick the whole time. Anna had been looking forward to this for months, but had a high fever both days. Despite that, she kept assuring me she was having fun, and boy was she trying...canoeing, swimming, smores, brats on a stick, gathering sticks and building a fire, sleeping in a tent, etc.
10) Going to the Marquette County Fair - rides, Cotton candy, horses, ice cream, more rides, trying to stay cool in the hot, sticky weather, popcorn, and watching Ethan, Ashley and Joe run in the 4 mile "fun run" race (it didn't look very fun in the heat, running through sand, on a poorly marked trail.)
11) Temple trip to the LDS Chicago Temple with the Marquette congregation. Very spiritually uplifting. Very fun on the bus trip.
12) Birthday celebrations! Anna's Fancy 4th Birthday party, previously journal-ed about. Ethan's 28th birthday, also previously mentioned.
13) Hiking to Laughing White Fish Falls. Beautiful.
14) Game nights - cards with Meg and Jake, Cranium at Andrew and Sabrina's, etc.
15) LaJoice picnic at Presque Isle, watching Anna play with more cousins (second cousins).
16) Visiting our favorite parks - Presque Isle, Lower Harbor, Picnic Rocks, Harlow...
17) The Marquette Library! Story Time and a few other visits just for fun.
18) Beautiful Marquette weather - days in the 60's and chilly, days in the 80's and sticky.
19) Some precious, rare alone time with Ethan.
20) Walking through our old neighborhood with Anna informing us yet again, "I wish we could live in our old house. I love it in Marquette."

BONUS - Ethan singing various parts of The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald countless times on our vacation. It was pretty amusing... and sometimes a bit annoying.


Aleesha & Spencer said...

Wow! You guys really did a lot of stuff! Looks like fun, I just LOVE family get-togethers/reunions and anything of the sort! I love the pics!

Kelly said...

I like your 20 things you loved list. That's a good idea to remember everything. I love your swimsuit, by the way.

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