Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Shy Boy, A Silly Girl, A Sweet Husband....

Ben-Ben can be so smiley, friendly, "chatty," and touchy with people...on his terms. (At church or SKIP stuff, for example, it is not uncommon for him to walk up to a perfect stranger and lean on them, grab their leg, "talk" with them, etc.) A more recent development: Benjamin can also be such a shy little guy when someone is invading "his space." This month we've had a few visitors - grandparents and aunts - and it took Benjamin quite awhile to warm up. He'd start by crawling away as fast as he could to find his closest parent. Simply being held by us was not enough. He then had to lean as far away from the "stranger" as possible. Just when we thought Benjamin was comfortable again, someone would try to talk to him or touch him and he would lean and lean and lean....just kept leaning away until he felt safe again. He typically wouldn't make any noise, just silent leaning. Ethan and I think Ben-Ben just likes to be the initiator of contact - physical or verbal. And he does warm up. I find it pretty cute.

Anna and I did make-up together this week. She did mine, and I purposely left out unique pictures. You can't really see it in this picture, but we went all out - eye shadow, lipstick (not chap stick or lip gloss, because Anna knows there's a difference...which is funny because I don't even wear real lipstick...just gloss), blush, powder, and even a little mascara. I love doing girly stuff with Anna. It's sweet. I think this picture of Anna doing fishlips is so funny.

This picture captures, once again, how helpful my sweetie is. He really is SO unbelievably helpful and involved all. the. time. I am so excited that Ethan finished his finals yesterday. We now have a full week of together time before summer term starts. Yipee! It will be nice to have Ethan around to help out with kids, and to do fun family stuff. But mostly I am excited for our 'us' time after the kids go to bed. I LOVE talking with Eth, hanging out, sharing opinions, reading a good book or magazine article together and discussing (sometimes debating) it, watching a movie and talking about it, thinking of what we would do in silly scenarios Ethan comes up with, and the list could go on. Do you see the common denominator though...I love talking with Ethan. And I think that's important. It's not like we don't talk during the semester, but once the kids go to bed, Ethan is mainly studying. We usually stay up much longer than we intend because we can't stop talking to each other once he is done studying. Hopefully this week, since we get to hang out as soon as the kids are in bed, we'll get to bed at a decent hour. We'll see. Now on to our week!

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