Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Festivities...

Above - Photo shoot of the kiddies in their Easter garb taken this afternoon. It was pretty sunny - hence the squinty looks, but the kids had fun playing. Anna's new "Buddy" dog snuck into one of the shots. She already has a "Riley" dog that she loves, and this weekend her Grandparents got her this one. (Rayhorn grandparents have an Old English Sheep Dog named Riley, and the Jones grandparents have a black lab named Buddy. Anna thinks we should get a dog. I don't think so, but I haven't ruled it out for down the road.)
Opening Easter baskets. We decided to make it a tradition to do baskets on "Easter Eve." So Saturday the kids opened their baskets. My parents were in town for the Easter weekend, and my mom surprised Ethan and I with an Easter basket of our own. How sweet. Oh, and the best was candy free. There were some yummy snacks, lip gloss, eco-friendly deck o' cards, gum, etc. So, I do green tissue paper to avoid the mess of Easter grass. Ben happily proved that it is not a guarantee - tissue paper can be messy too.
We packed so many things into this weekend, that I think I'll leave the non-Easter related things for another post. Above are shots of Grandpa Dewey and Anna decorating the Easter tree, the finished product of coloring Easter eggs, the cupcakes Grandma Susan made with Anna, and Anna participating in an Easter egg hunt. (I have never been to one before, and was surprised that all the eggs were found in maybe 10 or 15 seconds. Is that typical??? At least Anna found a few.) Other activities from the weekend - kite flying, touring Frankenmuth, long walks, picnic at the park, shopping at the mall, and lots and lots of playing.
Ha! Ethan and I think Easter bunnies are just plain creepy, but we realized this year that there are degrees of creepiness. In the first picture (taken last weekend when we went to the Christmas store with the Rayhorn girls visiting), the bunny looks sleepy, or as Ethan put it - drunk. A little creepy. But that is NOTHING in comparison to the bunny they had on hand at the Easter egg hunt. Where do I begin? The menacing looking eyebrows, the beady little eyes with the weird mesh eyes above, the ears that look more like horns than ears, the scraggly whiskers...CREEPY!!! Anna's facial expression and body language in that picture says it all.


Amy E said...

I love the picture of Anna with the creepy bunny...that has me cracking up!! I agree...they always make them look weird. Why can't they make a cute bunny costume??? I don't get it. Your kids are adorable...and it looks like you had tons of Easter fun.

Kelly said...

Your kids are so dang cute! Looks like you had a fun Easter. You're such a good mom!