Sunday, April 19, 2009

Walking, Rhyming, and Scraped Knees...

The four pictures above were taken when we were in Frankenmuth, touring around.

The above two were taken last weekend when my parents were in town. I LOVE the one of the kids waking up Grandpa Dewey, who really had been in the midst of a quick afternoon siesta. No time for sleeping grampy...more playing! His facial expression is priceless. The other picture is from one of the walks we took. The tunnel is Anna's favorite part; she would echo in there for hours if we'd let her. The picture also shows the Sit-N-Stand double stroller my parents got Ben for his birthday. Okay, so the gift also benefits myself and Anna...a win-win-win situation. We love this stroller.

This last picture is of me and Benjamin when we went to the Bronner's Christmas store with the visiting Rayhorns. This store is soooooo fun, especially when it's not Christmastime.
Benjamin is walking more and more, over half the time now. He hasn't mastered the ability to stand up without holding on to something, so once he's down it takes awhile to get back up. Today I saw Ben-Ben walk at his fastest yet...he was chasing after his Daddy who was holding treats!
We all got a bit sun-kissed this week with the beautiful, sunny 60-70 degree weather. I love being tan, and I love when Anna gets little pink cheeks after a day in the sun. One day it was in the high 70's and we were so HOT at the park. What's it going to be like when it gets into the 80s and 90s?! Seriously.
One day the kids and I were outside playing, waiting for Ethan to get home from class. Anna was running towards me, and fell and scraped her knee on the sidewalk. It was sooooooo sad. The cut was dripping blood, and was stinging. She was crying and crying, little sweet pea, and just wanted to go inside. The saddest part was that I had to carry Benjamin, so Anna had to limp in herself. Daddy got home soon after, and we got her all fixed up. Mostly, she was trying to be brave, and I just felt so bad I couldn't carry her in. :( I'm sure it's the first of many scraped knees of the summer.
Final story of the week: Anna loves rhyming. She loves it a little too much. Anna has been trying out rhyming for a while now, but on Tuesday of this week she was on a role. It just really clicked...right at bedtime. We could barely get through our story-Scriptures-prayer-song bedtime routine. At first we were doing it with her, but then she just wouldn't (couldn't?) stop.
Anna - "I know mom, how about luck and duck? How about cat and hat. I know, how about deep and sleep."
Ethan - "Okay sweetie, time for bed."
Anna - "How about chuck and stuck? How about try and die. How about..."
Ethan - "That is very good. You are doing great at rhyming, but we have to go to bed now...follow me."
Anna (walking off to bed)- "But dad, how about mice and dice? How about moon and doon. How about..."
I seriously wondered if she would be able to fall asleep that night with all the rhymes tumbling around in her head. It was hilarious...but maybe you just had to be there. Have a beautiful week everyone!

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Amy E said...

What cute kids! And I LOVE that picture of them waking up your Dad....hilarious!!