Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring Break in Fort Wayne, Indiana...

We were going to go somewhere tropical for Ethan's spring break (not really), but then decided Fort Wayne would be a better choice. Nothing like good ol' Indiana in February. We had so much fun visiting my Uncle Harry and Aunt Linda Jones. I love that my kids are getting to know the Jones side of the family. It's important to me. We went down the first weekend of Eth's break and packed a lot in Friday evening to Sunday night. We played with cousins/family (including Uncle John, Anna and George's fam, and Pat and Amber's fam, yay!), we saw my good friend Elizabeth and her family, we visited with one of Ethan's friends from his mission to Australia, and we went to the Science Central Museum. (We got in free with our Flint Children's Museum pass as part of the ASTC group, nice!) We had a great time and are thankful to Harry and Linda for having us. Anna has been asking to visit Uncle Harry's since she was there this past summer and fell in love with their garden, her "new cousins", and rides on the golf cart...and yes, I gave her a heads up that the garden wouldn't be around this time. Anna did get to help sprout some beans though. Enjoy the pictures:

Uncle Harry feeding Ben. Uncle John reading to Natalie and Anna.

Levi reading to Anna, impressive! Ethan's mission friend, Jake Newhard, and his family.

Ethan, Benjamin, and Anna outside Science Central! Anna and I looking around.

Ben exploring and learning how the inside of a piano works.

Anna exploring and learning how a river flows.

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