Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ben's Week...

The most notable occurrence of the week - Benjamin took his first steps on Friday!!! He is definitely still a way off from being a full blown walker, but he's taken his first steps. He loves, LOVES trying to walk. Ben-Ben gets so giddy and proud of himself. He prefers to walk to his mommy; that is when he is most successful and excited about it. I know, I know, a mama's boy...I love it. (Sorry the video is sideways, just wasn't thinking...and we didn't capture some of his best attempts.)

Of course, Benjamin's week is filled with many meals. In this picture there are many little pieces of food, but we've discovered that Benjamin eats best when we give him the food whole. (Well, not grapes or other things that are the perfect size for choking.) He even had slightly spicy chicken enchiladas this week.

Here Ben was caught in the act. Do you see how proud he is of his destruction? And this shows only a tiny fraction of the havoc he can wreak in less than a minute. It's impressive; I'll go so far as to describe it as awe inspiring. I love the way my sister-in-law, Meghan, described her almost one year old as a tiny tornado. It's so true! I just wonder what is going on in Ben-Ben's head during moments like these. I imagine it's something like this, "Okay, I've pulled down all the books and have succeeded in ripping a few pages out. Now quick, on to the lamp. Yes! I've reached my quota of pushing it over for the 100th time today. Not bad Rayhorn, not bad at all. I've better hurry and find my mom's keys and hide them in a spot she will least suspect. Done! Now, don't slow down, race to Anna and swipe whatever it is she's playing with. Ah, success! My mission is complete..... for now....." Just a stab at Benjamin's thought process. I could be wrong.

Finally, Benjamin tried on some summer wear too. With his bald head and fair skin, he is going to need lots of protection from the sun. We never had to worry about it too much with Anna because she never burned, just like her mommy. But, we have a feeling it will not be the same with Ben. For the record, he really isn't that bald anymore...he is getting a nice patch started on the top of his head. It's just hard to tell since his hair is so light. Oh well. I did buy some product for him to help spike it up and draw attention to his hair growth, but I've only used it once. Next time I'll be sure to take a picture.