Friday, March 20, 2009

Celebrating The Irish In All Of Us...

This week we celebrated our Irish heritage. The kid's Great Great Grandpa Blower would be proud. (Ethan's Grandma Ellene Parr's father immigrated to the states from Ireland.) Anna reveled in our Saint Patrick's Day festivities. She didn't even know a holiday was coming, but she is always ready to celebrate. Here are a few things we did: discussed some of the basics of Ireland/St. Patty's day, dressed in green of course, pinched daddy when he got home from school because he forgot to wear green, made green rice krispy treats (Anna thought this was hilarious), played hide the leprechaun's gold, and listened and danced to some Irish music. The hat Anna is sporting in the first picture was given to her last year by Grandpa Chuck. Thanks again grandpa!

Ben wore green today too, an NMU t-shirt. Here he is showing off his chub-tastic legs and waiting on some lunch. I discovered this day that Benjamin is not a fan of rice krispy treats. The second picture shows the face he makes when he does not want to eat something. It is impossible to get anything passed those lips; they are sealed up tight!

We played outside after Ethan got home from class. Such a beautiful day...temperatures made it into the 70's. WhooHoo! Ben loved exploring the grass. And Anna loved running around, and hiding and seeking the leprechaun's gold. (Look closely at the picture of Ben-Ben and you'll notice that his sleeves are cut around the elastic part. We've had to do this on numerous jackets and shirts for Ben because his arms are just too roly-poly and they get pinched. Too funny! We had to do this a few times with Anna too, so we are used to it. Hehe :)


Anonymous said...

You played outside! Lucky!! Have you ever researched the real story behind St. Patrick? He was a pretty amazing Saint. I wonder if he really liked the color green?

Dewey and Susan said...

Great blog!

Don't forget the Daileys...Papa George's paternal grandmother's line.