Monday, July 25, 2011

Let's Play Catch . . .

Catch up on July happenings, that is.  Lots of things I've failed to blog about lately.  This summer has just seemed so busy.  Mostly, a good busy though.  So, first up, nothing too exciting -

A visit to the Children's Museum.

The Mom's Group I'm part of schedules two Children's Museum days a month (free for members), and it's something we try not to miss.  The pictures above are from a visit earlier this month.  The kids love it.  Anna and Benjamin played well together the whole time.  There were so many friends there I hadn't seen in a while, and it was great for me to catch up with them.  This CM visit was Caleb's first time.  I'm not usually a germ-a-phobe, and think germs and sickness are a natural and even important part of childhood.  But, I've been more careful with Caleb for obvious reasons.  So I held him or he stayed in the stroller the whole time.  No crawling around gumming all the communal children's museum toys.  Cabers loved looking around at all the stuff though, and was perfectly content the whole time.  Fun visit! 

Visit from Indiana Cousins.    

My cousin Amy, her husband Chuck, and their three kids visited this past weekend.  It was so good to see them, have the kids play, and I always love to show off Marquette.  Sad I didn't take more pictures of the visit, especially of Anna and Kenzie, who LOVED playing together.  The pictures above show a dip in Lake Superior at Black Rocks, and Lower Harbor park watching the tall ships come in.  Also fun - hiking Sugar Loaf, delish lunch at Union Grill, game night at Beth and Stuart's.   

Feeding the Little Fatty!

Feeding this little chub baby food has been happening more and more lately.  And he loves it.   A little too much.  See that crazy look in his eye?  Caleb takes his eating very seriously.  hehe.  And I wasn't the one feeding him in these pictures above.  It is possible to keep him neat while he eats.  But these pictures are just priceless, so I'm glad Ethan feeds him a little . . . differently.  :)   Oh my goodness, I love that baby boy! 

Putnam family reunion.   
The second weekend in July we went downstate to the Putnam family reunion.  (My paternal grandma's side of the family.)  My dad thought we'd like to go along - I hadn't been for about 10 years - and it was actually perfect timing, as Ethan had a weekend test prep class downstate.  We all just went together, except my mom who decided to stay home at the last minute.  (That means her snoring stayed home too. :)  The kids had a blast, it was good to see everyone, and I didn't even get tired out til the ride home.  hehe.  Fun weekend, but as is typical when traveling with three little ones, it's always good to get home and back to the routine. 

So, lots of fun happenings, big and small.  And lots more to come.  Until next time, hope you all have a beautiful week!

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