Friday, August 5, 2011

FIRSTS . . .

So, I thought I'd list some of the "Firsts" that we have been experiencing lately.  The big and the small.  So, numero uno . . .
  • We went to Munising to meet up with some friends of ours downstate who were vacationing in the area.  It's 45 minutes away, so perfect for a little day trip.  It was a first because we've driven through Munising numerous times, but had never really spent time there.  It. Was. Beautiful.  We swam and pic-niced at Sand Point Beach, and we hiked around at Miner's Castle.  Best of all, we got to see Jackie and Maddie and Jadon and Don.  We hadn't seen them for about a year.  Such a great family.  So fun spending the afternoon with them.  Oh!  And this was the first time Caleb has been to the beach.  What a cute, chubby beach baby!  :) 
  • Caleb got his first tooth a week ago.  You can kind of see it if you blow up one of the close up pictures above.  Anna and Benjamin were both six months when they got their first tooth, and Caleb is 8 months, so we were wondering when it was going to happen.  I think he's pretty proud of it.  hehe.  
  • Anna had a kidney infection for the first time (and hopefully the last time).  It was a very stressful experience because she got SO sick, and it took a week to figure out what was wrong.  She had high fevers, stomach pain, vomiting, dehydration, no appetite, no energy.  Pretty sad, and pretty scary.  She was the sweetest little thing during all of it, even though she felt so crummy, and even though she had to have multiple IV's, blood tests, urine tests, yucky medicine, and doctor visits.  Both kids had only one cold last fall, and then each had really bad colds in March.  So I can't complain too much about sickness this year.  (Well, if you don't count ALL of Caleb's stuff.  hehe.)  
  • Caleb did the swings at the park for the first time.  He loved it.  There will be pictures to follow.  :)
  • I am the momma of a six year old for the first time.  Crazy!  Little Anna Ellene turned six yesterday, and we had a little, family pizza night (everyone made their own), and a movie of her choosing.  Anna is waiting a few weeks to have a friend party since she has a good friend out of town right now.  
  • Ethan accepted his first job of his PT career this past week.  (Just in time to say he got his first Physical Therapy job while he was still in his 20's.  hehe.)  He got a wonderful job offer for a place here in Marquette, called U.P. Rehab Services  It's a great, well run company that Ethan is very excited to be part of.  We don't have a lot to compare it to, but we discussed the offer with people who know, and the company has great benefits, continuing education/certification/specialization opportunities, and the salary was more than we were picturing (and is above the national average for PTs fresh out of graduate school).  Perfect.  So, we are happy for a job to start soon, and we are happy to stay here for a bit.  Especially Anna.  :)     
  • I can't think of any firsts regarding Benjamin, but I can't leave him out of this post, oh middle child of mine.  Especially a middle child as full of life and adorableness as Ben-Ben.  hehe.  Oh.  He has a new nick-name (although it's not his first).  It's "hay-stack."  My dad started calling him that because we've let his hair grow out a bit and it gets blonder in the summer.  My dad thinks it looks like a hay stack on his head.  It's catching on.  Actually, I think in the last few months Anna and Caleb have each had a lengthy post just for them.  So I guess it's time I do a little Benjamin Bear update.  You can just look forward to that for next time!   

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