Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year, New Baby. . .

Since little Caleb has come home, life has been a blur of all things baby. Feedings every three or so hours, soothing the occasional fussiness, changing dirty clothes and diapers, sleeplessness - for me and my annoying insomnia problems!, rocking and singing, bathing, more feeding, etc. all while trying to keep two other little ones happy and entertained. It's a little overwhelming. When I had Benjamin, going from one baby to two was a piece of cake for me. Everyone said, "Just wait until you have your third." I thought they were just being dramatic, but they were right! I feel like there is rarely a spare second in the day to rest or re-group. BUT, I am trying to remain focused on the joy of it. Your kids are only in this precious, adorable "baby" stage must be treasured, no matter how tired you are! So, here are a few beautiful moments, amid the chaos and noise.

A peaceful, sleeping baby lying on my chest is just priceless, and oh so cozy. I love it.

Giving baby Caleb his first bath was quite the experience for the whole family. I love that Anna and Ben-Ben want to be so involved with their new little brother. And a squeaky clean baby, just the way I like it! Love the fresh, soapy scent on a little bambino.

I've really tried to find plenty of opportunities to give Anna and Benjamin some one-on-one attention. Even if it has to be super quick, it has been so meaningful for all of us. Whether we just snuggle for a minute and chat (see above), sing some songs, read a book, or play a makes all the difference. (I can tell that little Ben-Ben especially - the two year old, middle child - needs some reassurance that he is still important, and loved, and at the center of our world.) This time to focus on the kids individually is even more important now that Ethan has started his first 10 week clinical placement on Monday. He is gone a lot now, traveling back and forth, and we miss him. I especially miss him at night, because that was his "specialty" with the baby, since I have the before mentioned sleeping issues. But, we will make it through!

Photos Above: A sweet brother, sister hug. A picture of Anna holding little Caleb for the first time (just look at those dimples!). Anna and Ben-Ben trying to entertain their little brother (he's so lucky to have them :). And the last picture shows Caleb meeting his cousin, Hudson, for the first time. They are just one and a half months apart, and I see a beautiful friendship in the making. Hehe.

More adorableness from my three sweet cheeks. I feel so much happiness seeing all three of my children together, and loving each other. Having three kids in five years is busy and hectic, to say the least. But, it also makes for some very sweet, precious moments. Sometimes I find myself anxious for the time when all three will be more self sufficient (all potty trained, bathing themselves, getting their own snacks, etc.), but I try to remember to slow down and enjoy these moments too. I know I will miss this stage when it's gone. I LOVE these babies!
Well, besides the new babe, we had some more fun to ring in the New Year. I'll have to post about that later, but it includes a visit from Ethan's Grandma, a yummy New Year's Day tradition, a fun visit to the Children's Museum, and some other randomness. I still need to solidify my goals for the new year, and I'll be sure to share some of them with all of helps me feel more accountable. :) Hope you all had a very happy New Year. May 2011 bring happiness and peace to you all!

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Anna said...

I hope you are doing great! 3 can be tough, but if you can enjoy all the wonderful parts, yay! I think it's just fine to be ready for kids to grow up and be self-sufficient as long as you enjoy the journey:) I am ready, myself! Give your babies hugs for me! We love you guys!