Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011, Bring It On . . .

So, I want to share some of my new years goals and thoughts in my "family journal" (and for all of you, faithful readers :). Don't get too excited, I'm keeping things really simple this year, goal wise. But first, to share a few things mentioned in my last post that we've been up to lately. . .

We went to the U.P. Children's Museum with the MOMs Club the other week. Very fun. I got involved with the club back in Sept/Oct, but then didn't get out to any Nov/Dec activities...for obvious reasons. I'm excited to become more involved again. And the twice a month Children's Museum activity is one of my favs...mainly 'cause the kids love it so much. Not that it's at all easy to chat with the other mom's while trying to keep tabs on two little ones. :) Love the curious, yet nervous, face on Ben-Ben in the picture in the reptile area. Benjamin was so excited that his "own friend, Logan" was there, AND his cousin Rorie too. Sweet. Anna was excited she got to come with us since she was on Christmas break, and she happened to run in to a friend from school. Love seeing her play with friends...she's such a sweetie. (Side Note - Ben's favorite shirt right now is this football one, and he picks it out EVERY time he sees it in his clothes pile. I've hidden it now...not that there's anything wrong with it, but he has more adorable and "trendy" clothes that need wearing too. hehe. Other Side Note - The missionaries from our church do volunteer hours at the museum, and happened to be there that day. They do a good job entertaining the kiddlets. :)

I mentioned before that Ethan's Grandma, Lee, came for a visit the week after Christmas. It's always good to see her, and for the kids to spend time with and get to know their Granny. I love the picture of Caleb and Lee. He was so awake and alert that evening, and was just bonding with everyone. Second pic - So the mattress in Chuck and Melissa's basement is more for playing and less for sleeping. The kids use it as a trampoline, and sometimes the adults get involved you can see above with Uncle Jake-y. Fun, fun. The last picture reminds me that we need to take a four generation picture (take out my boys, and put in Rorie). And it also reminds me that my little Ben-Ben is not so little anymore. Doesn't he look humongous in this picture?!
These two pictures are just classic. A sweet, adorable moment with Auntie May-May snuggling with her newest nephew, as Grampa Chuck looks on...and then there's the second picture. I can just imagine Caleb thinking to himself, "Don't eat me Grampa!" It was fun getting lots of family time in over the holidays. And now. . .
***2011, Here I Come***
You know, 2010 had it's ups and downs. A lot of major things happened...some hard (and stressful), some good (and fun). Either way, I'm excited to put it behind me, and move on to a fresh, new year. So, I love setting goals, and love even more to accomplish them. This year, I want to keep things simple...just two very important goals that I put a lot of focus on. Here they are:
1) Get Healthy! Now, I don't mean go on a fad diet or lose a ton of weight. I tend to approach my health more realistically than that, with less focus on weight and more focus on actual health. As many of you know, I had a very stressful pregnancy. My body just seemed to fall apart (which we now realize was a "pregnancy related" thyroid problem that is easily fixable, and will take care of the blood pressure issue too!). Also, pregnancy in general makes me feel pretty crappy, and so I tend to become a lot less active. I was working out pretty regularly before I got pregnant, and that pretty much stopped within the first few weeks. So, now that my baby making days are behind me, and I'm entering a new decade in my life, and just because it's time...I want to get healthy. Really healthy. I love feeling strong and in shape when I'm working out regularly and eating well. I don't do "diets"...I go for the more common sense thing - lots of fruits and veggies, whole grains, lean meats, nuts and legumes, lots of water, only the occasional treat, and portion control. As far as the exercise/active part goes...that's going to be trickier until the spring. Sadly, there is not money in the budget for a gym membership right now. But I plan to start regularly using the Wii Fit, maybe get some workout DVD's from the library, and work in occasional walking/jogging at the Dome. I am excited. I love getting healthy, and getting muscle back after being preggers. I love the way I feel when I'm eating things that are good for me. And like I said before, I don't have dreams of anything super dramatic...I've never had aspirations of being "skinny" or anything. I like my body type and my proportions...I just want there to be a little less fat and a little more muscle. I'm thinking that losing one or two dress sizes would be ideal. Nothing extreme...and very doable. I want to run a 5k sometime this spring or summer...and running is NOT my strong suit, so that is a very impressive goal for me. :) I also want to train for a triathlon (but compete in a team to start out). Wish me luck, and I'll try and keep you posted. On to numero 2.
2) Patience and Love. My second goal is to be more patient and loving. I know, that's such a general statement, and I'm still not quite sure exactly how I'm going to accomplish it. . . I'd gladly take suggestions. I want to see the good in people. I want to stay calm even when everything gets crazy and busy, as it tends to do with three little kids at home. I want to find ways to show love toward my friends and family and acquaintances, and to remember we are all children of God, and deserve love and friendship. I want to stay patient and loving toward my super sweet, SUPER PATIENT, husband, even when we disagree about something. :) So, to make that happen, all I can think of is to pray for it daily. Perhaps, make a reminder sign to put up that I will see all the time. When I "slip up" I want to, when possible, get a few minutes alone to reflect and calm down. Reading scriptures or other uplifting material daily, to gain strength and peace, and learn from examples could also be very helpful for accomplishing this goal. Oh, and maybe have calm music playing to help set the tone of peace and patience. Hmm, reading back, this kind of implies that I am normally some out of control, rude-y pants, that can't stand people. That is not the case. However, there is room for improvement. When I feel overwhelmed or stressed, my patience often takes a back seat to "snappiness" and less than positive feelings. I want to change that. I want to become a better person, and look for the positive. I feel like I can become a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend by focusing on love and patience.
***Typically, in addition to a health goal and "quality" goal, I also like to make a financial goal, a family goal, a relationship goal with Ethan, an educational goal (I'm big on being a life long learner :), and personal improvement goal. But again, things have been crazy, and I just want to focus on these two goals for this year. AND, in addition to working towards these goals, there are additional things I am looking forward to for this year...biggies, like: turning 30!, Ethan graduating!!!, getting our first real job and income!, getting our own place again!! :), watching my three beautiful children grow and develop, and all the little ups and downs along the way. Hope you all have a beautiful 2011!

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Eigelmommy said...

YOu know Angela I had a lot of fun helping out at the Childrens museum in Marquette when I was a missionary. It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years since I was there Wow! I hope you are well and that this year is good to you