Friday, December 31, 2010

My Big, Fat Christmas Post . . .

For all our family and close friends we were not able to spend the holiday with, here is a very detailed blog of our Christmas festivities. With all the pictures I'm including, you will probably feel like you were right there with us. :) Enjoy!

Christmas Day - Morning

So, I'm starting with Christmas Day, and working back. We had a nice, quiet Christmas morning at my parent's house. My mom and dad weren't feeling too well, so it stayed very low key. Love this picture of the kids excitement on Christmas morning while looking through their stockings. Just as it should be.

The kids received so many thoughtful gifts, and were just so excited, even for the littlest gifts. Ethan and I exchanged gifts too, and we always look forward to surprising each other. Even this year, we had a $20 budget (that we both went just a bit over), but I was still SO excited for Ethan to open his presents, and also to see what he picked out for me. So fun. Loved a ring Eth picked out, and a few classic books to add to our home library, among other things. I got Ethan a book by one of his favorite comedic writers, and a really fun game (travel version) called "Would You Rather," among other things.

Anna was super excited to see that Santa brought her a Unicorn Pillow Pet. How did he know?! She has wanted one for so long, and it was one of the few things she asked Santa for that was actually within our budget. Benjamin was probably most excited for this plastic ice cream cone he got in his stocking. Ben-Ben is really in to pretend food...and real food. This was from the dollar section at Target...isn't that how it always is? A cheap, little stocking stuffer turns into the favorite gift. The kidlets also got some great books, a new Wii game, classic Melissa & Doug toys, movies, clothes, games, fun stocking stuffers, puzzles, pop up tent, etc. Thank you to all for the sweet gifts! Wow, what lucky kids, and what perfect timing. They have been able to keep themselves occupied while Daddy and Momma have focused on a new baby.

Christmas Day - Afternoon

In the afternoon on Christmas day, we went over to Chuck and Melissa's. Caleb had just come home from the hospital that morning (see previous post), and we were a little nervous to take him out. But, it was Christmas Day. Ethan and I decided to bring Caleb with us (as opposed to one of us staying home with him), but that just he and I would hold him. We are being so careful about germs, and sickness, and not passing the baby around. So, baby Caleb just hung out sleeping on mommy's lap for most of the afternoon. Perfect.

Love all these pictures of fun and family at GraMelissa and Grampa Chuck's house. It was a festive afternoon - yummy snacks, more presents, cousins playing, and silliness.

Love these two pictures of my three, sweet babies. Love the matching Christmas jammies Melissa got for everyone. So adorable!

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at the Rayhorn's working on this year's puzzle, visiting, kids playing, snacking, and changing into our Christmas jammies. Very relaxed, very fun. My sister Beth and her family have made it a tradition to stop by Chuck and Melissa's on Christmas Eve too. The more the merrier! (Stuart and Beth have been close family friends of Ethan's parents for a long, long time...they're like family, and not just because they're related to me. :)

When we came back to my parent's house to put the kids to bed, we decided to have a little spiritual devotional to again focus on the true purpose of the holiday. We read the Christmas story, and then turned off all the lights (except the tree) and sang some Christmas songs. Beautiful! Then, we tucked the kiddies in to bed, and got to work.

We went over to the NICU to spend some time with Caleb J. on Christmas Eve. Love the picture of him sleeping in his stocking. Caleb also got a special visit from Santa and Mrs. Klaus earlier in the evening. We knew he would be coming home the next day, so it was crazy to think this was the last time we would be visiting him at the hospital. It was a long journey! Ethan and I got home around 10pm and started wrapping presents. With my mom's help, we were all set up by 11:30pm, and I was just so excited for the kids to wake up on Christmas morning. Love the shot of Anna, Benjamin, and Caleb's stocking. My little family is complete.
Christmas Eve Eve.

Anna was super excited to come with me to a little get together at my friend's house. She felt so grown up, being one of the girls. She wanted all of us try on one of Amy's vintage hats and then take pictures of all of us. It was so fun catching up with all of you, including those not pictured! :)

We had my families Christmas get together on Christmas Eve Eve. It was fun seeing everyone, exchanging presents, eating deliciousness, and seeing the cousins play together. What a fun few days! It was so great spending time with family, having Caleb come home from the hospital, seeing the magic of the holiday in my children's eyes, having relaxing time with Ethan, and enjoying the spirit felt while celebrating the birth of the Savior of the world. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and will have a fantastic new year!

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Anna said...

Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year now!! I am excited for you to have your first year of 3 kids. You are out-numbered now! :) Luckily, you have very good kids! Sure would be fun to see you all sometime...hint, hint:)