Sunday, October 24, 2010

That's So 'Pooky . . .

The kids had fun carving a pumpkin when Ethan came to visit last weekend. Anna designed it herself, and was so proud. After baths, we had a little photo shoot before daddy had to go back to Clio and school. (That is something that Benjamin says all the time - "Daddy had to go back to Clio. He have to go to school.")

You can't really see it too well, but the pumpkin was lit in these pictures and all the lights were off. Ben-Ben kept saying, "That's so 'pooky!"

Snuggles with Daddy at bedtime. Love these pictures! (And the first shot is just a random cutie one of little Ben-Ben.)

The first picture shows when Anna was the student of the day at the end of September. She was so proud of the poster she made, and thought it turned out super fancy. (It was supposed to show things that she likes, and are important to, cooking, swimming, ballet, sledding, and reading, I believe.) Love her! The last three show Anna after she had her hair cut by Auntie Meghan. Meg curled it for her when she was done, and Anna loved it. Such a little cutie pie.
There are so many things I want to journal about, but I'm just so drained. I want to mention how incredibly tired I I seriously feel like I have some sleep/insomnia problems. I want to mention how much I hurt... I don't know if it was this bad with my other two, but MAN, knowing this is the last time I have to be preggers provides a little comfort. I want to mention how sad I am that Ethan won't be able to do any of his clinicals in Marquette...I was mentally prepared to just make it to the beginning of December, and it's been hard coming to terms with this new reality. I want to mention all the smartie, adorable things Benjamin is all the time. I want to mention how adorable Anna was in the primary program this past Sunday...she had soooooo many people tell her or myself what an amazing singer she is. (Anna is quite the performer...she really needs to be involved in some kind of theatre group.) I want to mention how I don't like the baby moving around so's getting to the uncomfortable/painful stage of movement. (But it is nice to know he's healthy and active.) But, I just feel too tired to write in any detail about this stuff. Seriously, I feel so unmotivated and anti-social lately...even when it comes to blogging...which isn't really a "social" thing. I'm counting on this wearing off as soon as I have the baby in just over a month - or sooner - because I felt immediately energized after having Anna and Benjamin. Here's to hoping! (Sorry this was a bit of a "downer", as far as blog entries go, but there was just no way to sugar coat how I've been feeling lately.) On a happier note...Ethan will be here Wednesday evening until Sunday night. Woo hoo!!! Love him.

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Anna said...

Hey, Angela! Just wanted to say how excited we are for you guys. Thanks for taking the time to write, I always love reading about your little cuties. I hope you are enjoying having Ethan home for a bit. Hang in there! Anna