Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just Some Randomness . . .

Since Ethan has our laptop with him downstate, I find myself blogging less frequently. Consequently, I have some pictures from all the way back in August that I just got off our computer this weekend, but we'll start with a fun, fall activity. I just love this time of year!
We went to a Community Harvest Party at a farm in Skandia that I heard about from MOMs Club. It was so fun, and as an added bonus, all free. So nice of the owners of Dancing Crane Farm to host it. My dad was kind enough to accompany the kiddlets and I, since I just didn't feel up to taking them by myself. Yeah, I'm a wuss. Anna and Benjamin each got to pick out a pumpkin, we tasted freshly made apple cider after seeing the process, they went on a hay ride (and got to see a calf that had been born 15 minutes before), snacked on some popcorn, played around with new friends, and tried to stay warm. Perfect fall activity.
I didn't even bother trying to get on the hay ride with my big was so crowded, but the kids loved it. As you can see in the second picture, Anna is big on "striking a pose" lately...too funny. And one of Benjamin's favorite activities of the afternoon was playing around on the hay...and snacking with Grandpa Dewey.

Anna and Benjamin showing off their chosen pumpkins while trying to stay warm. We're waiting for the next weekend Ethan comes up to do the carving. Daddy can't miss out on he's got all the skills.
Left Over Fun From the Summer -

Ethan, Chuck, and Ashley took the kids to the Marquette County Fair. They had tons of fun seeing the animals, going on a couple rides, and snacking. I opted not to go because of the disgustingly hot weather. (However, once September hit, the weather just turned and in the 50's and 60's. I survived the summer!!!)
Since it was so hot this summer, of course we did a lot of swimming at the beach. Benjamin never really liked swimming in our apartment pool, but he loooooves the beach. Living a few minutes from Lake Superior is so perfect on hot summer days.

Finally, a friend of mine from high school got married in August. It was very fun for Ethan and I to catch up with friends we hadn't seen in a long time. What a fun, kid free night! :)
Well, I was going to write about a few other things that have been on my mind lately, but I think I'll hold off until next time. Happy Autumn everyone!


Diana said...

Your family is always having so much fun!

Aleesha said...

The pumpkin pictures are so cute! I always love fall pictures! Happy Fall! I love to hear all the fun things you all are always up to!

Anonymous said...

I love the pics! Who got married? I'm out of the loop in the LP.

Anna said...

I love reading your blog and I can't believe how close you are getting to the end of the pregnancy now! Yay for you!