Thursday, November 4, 2010

Costumes and Bed Rest . . .

We had a very fun-filled Halloween weekend, which was especially exciting because Ethan was here with us. He was actually here from Wednesday evening until Sunday evening...a nice, long visit since classes were canceled for Thur. Yay!

We went to Anna's school on Friday to be spectators for the costume parade. Anna actually chose to dress up in three different costumes this year...none of which we had to purchase! They were things already in her dress up box, which consists of hand-me down costumes from older cousins, garage sale finds, and props from past costumes and dress up gifts. So for school, she chose to be a rock star...or "rocket star" as she likes to call it. And she has the animated singing skills to go along with the costume. :) Ben-Ben was a little nervous around some of the costumes, so Daddy had to hold him close.

Next up is the church "Trunk-or-treat" party. Benjamin also had a few choices for costumes, but he went with the pumpkin every time. That was fine by me, because he was just too adorable in his little pumpkin outfit, and it was easy for him to stay warm. Anna chose to be a ladybug for the party, which would be more obvious if you could see the back of her wings in the picture. Oh, and her cheeks are stuffed with a treat she won on the cake walk in the pic above. The middle picture is Benjamin and Rorie, who spent a good chunk of the evening fighting over chairs. And the final picture is Ben-Ben with one of his favorite people, Logan (the dinosaur).

Love the pic of Anna running with her bag o' candy from car to car. She really got in to it. And the last one is a cutie with two of her good friends from church. Sweet.

Finally we have trick-or-treating. Anna chose to be a witch for this...and Ben was a lil' punkin again.
Love the one of the kids running down the driveway ready to find the next house. That wore off pretty quick, and it turned into us herding the little slow pokes along. Anna loved that I threw on a witches hat too. Adorable picture of the cousins...with Rorie as a cute, little cheeseburger.

Benjamin was tired after about two thirds of the way, and Auntie KC was kind enough to carry him for a bit...even though he is a solid little man! Auntie Ashley was dressed up like a kitty, obviously, and while we were going through the candy, Anna borrowed her black lipstick and tried to replicate the look. I think she did a good job, and she said that is what she wants to be next year. As a side note, Benjamin and I were talking about boys and girls today, and who was who. I'd say, "How about ______?" And Ben would tell me what gender he thought they were, mainly getting it right. When I said, "How about Auntie Ashley?" Ben-Ben didn't say boy or girl, he said, "Kitty." Hehe.
Okay, so just as the title of this post implies, I am now on bed rest for the remainder of this pregnancy. I had an appointment on Tuesday, and my blood pressure was elevated. They had me at the hospital for a 24 hour observation, and then decided that I could go home on bed rest. I'm not going to lie, this sounded pretty appealing to me. I was so excited get back with my kidlets (I missed them tons when I was in the hospital!), but I am required to rest, relax and lay down...which is all I feel like doing these days. So, now that I am a few days into it, I really hope the baby comes sooner rather than later. This could get boring really quickly. And I'm feeling pretty guilty that my mom has so much put on her right now, but I've been making some phone calls, and have had some kind offers for watching the kiddos, so hopefully my mom will get some much needed breaks. Wow, I am soooo appreciative of all she is doing for my little family. Thanks mom! Anna and Ben-Ben don't really understand bed rest, but they're catching on that if they want to spend time with me, they need to bring some books in, watch a movie with me, play Candy Land (Anna's favorite), or just snuggle together. I can get up for meals and the restroom, but otherwise, I'm supposed to be down and out...and not go anywhere except my doctor appointments. It's hard sticking to that though. I just think, "Oh, I'll do this one little thing really quick." But, I've been really trying to be good, because I do understand the importance and potential consequences. So, I'm 35 weeks tomorrow, but I have a feeling I'll have the baby within the next few weeks...I hope. He is already a good size, measuring a few weeks further along than he is, so that's a good thing, especially if he needs to come a little early. So...I'll be sure to keep you all posted!

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