Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy, Squishy Benjamin...

Just a few recent pictures of Benjamin. A very happy little guy. As you can imagine, Ben is interested in anything that Anna is playing with. She is getting a lot of practice in sharing, and does pretty well with it most the time. Since Ben-Ben crawls everywhere, pulls himself up on everything, and is just moving non-stop, it is a lot harder for Anna to keep her most "special" things out of his reach. Again, mostly she is patient, or remembers the little trick I taught her - trading. But occasionally I'll hear her say, in a slightly teenage-ish voice if you ask my opinion, "Ughhhh, Ben just leave me alone." I find it amusing, yet distressing. Is that a glimpse into what the future will hold (except replacing "Ben" with "Mom")? I hope not! :)

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