Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Attempts At Creativity With Anna...

Anna came up with this all on her own. Her bedspread is blue and she decided to pretend it was water. She got out some bath toys and stuffed animals that belong in water. Then Anna wanted some non-aquatic stuffed animals too, so she just put them in floaties. She is wearing an inner tube and we played with the beach ball. This occupied her for most of an afternoon. Of course, we are still excited for our apartment pool to open this summer, but this is good for now.

Anna and Ethan made this couch fort today. I guess we've only done table forts before...oh, I'll have to get a picture of this table cover my mom made for Anna a year or so ago. It looks like a little house. Anyway, Anna liked this couch fort because it's "snugly" and she could also watch a movie from inside of it.

This one I came up with myself, although I'm sure it's been done before. Anna got some Care Bear stickers from her Great Grandma LaJoice for Christmas. They are the squishy, puffy kind of stickers. So, I decided to make a simple Care-a-Lot for the stickers to play around on. Anna loved it. Oh, and these stickers go off and on without ripping the paper...they aren't too sticky, so we're still playing with it.

The two pictures above are Anna playing with Miss Periwinkle. We made her from a wooden spoon, and as you can see in the second picture Miss Periwinkle helps Anna cook. This idea I got from the "Family Fun" magazine. (Thanks again for the subscription Melissa!!)

Yes, we have even been more creative with Anna's hair. (Auntie Ashley and Auntie KC, you'd be proud :) OK, it's not going to be a regular occurrence or anything, but the occasional special 'do' is fun for her. I bought her some curlers last week and this is our first attempt. Anna started taking them out before her hair was completely dry, but you can still see the curl. The third picture was all Ethan's doing, and in the front there were lots of little clips everywhere. Eth was helping Anna look like a princess.
So, any good suggestions for fun kid stuff I could do with my sweeties? I'll be honest, the winter months are starting to drag on now, and I am soooooo ready for nice spring weather when we can go to the park, for walks, have picnics, etc.

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Chris & Chrystal said...

What cuties!!! I hear ya on the winter months dragging on and on. I can't wait for the cold to be gone and the warm sun to come!

I don't have the "johnny shrine" anymore. I had to put that to rest a couple of years ago. :) How funny that you remember that, I forgot all about it. HA HA!