Sunday, January 18, 2009

Auto Town U.S.A....

Ethan's parents came down for a fun little visit this weekend. Chuck, Melissa, Ethan and Anna went to the Detroit Auto Show for most of the day on Saturday. We were all going to attend, but Benjamin did not sleep too well Friday night, so I stayed home with him. (It turned out to be a special treat because Ben's two naps were quite a bit longer than normal, so I had plenty of time to read, make some phone calls, relax and have a nap of my own, not to mention savoring some precious one-on-one time with Ben-Ben...YAY!) Anyway, back to the awesomeness of the cars.

Needless to say, Chuck had a great time as he is extremely in to cars. Ethan and Melissa were looking forward to it too. I was, however, a little worried how Anna's attention span would hold up after hours of looking at cars. She had a blast! (What was I thinking...she was with her daddy and he can make anything fun.) There were colorful cars, music, lots of people, lots of walking, and Anna and Ethan made up games while trying out the different cars. They would pretend to be driving, dodging all the people walking around, and other silly things. Hehe. I love the picture above of Anna giving directions to people from "her" Cadillac. I can just picture her saying, "Keep it moving people."

Anna became a bit tired out, so she took a quick rest on this nice little Mercedes above. :)

So the first picture above is a Bentley Azure. Ethan told me he is considering a career change from Physical Therapist to Professional Athlete...hehe....just so he can afford this car. :) It was his favorite. The picture of the gold Volvo is amusing because Anna was up there doing a little dance and shimmying around for quite awhile. I just wonder if the fellow auto show goers saw many characters like Anna that day. All the other people in the pictures seemed to be taking these cars so they were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or something.

Here Anna is learning about how cars are made...interesting.
And finally, there was a lounge area in the Honda section where Ethan and Anna stopped for a break. So of course they decided to have a little photo shoot. I love these pictures.

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Amy E said...

Where did you get Anna's adorable shirt?? I'm a huge fan of polka dots and I love that one! I want to get it for my girls.