Friday, October 10, 2008

Tickle Time!

Here are two little videos of the kids laughing. Ethan took the one with Benjamin and when I was showing it to Anna, she wanted a laughing one of herself. (Anna LOVES looking at family pictures and videos...especially of herself :) I promise, you can't watch the one of Ben without laughing yourself...or at least smiling. Usually when Ben-Ben laughs, it turns into a breathless squeal pretty quickly, so the amount of laughing during this tickling session is rare. ENJOY!!!


Becky said...

CUTE!! I love that Anna wanted one of her too. That's something my Ben would do too. When did you say youll be in utah? we'll have to get together!

Amy E said...

I love both videos, though I must admit that I most enjoyed Ben's. That was absolutely adorable and it really makes me wish babies came easier for us. I think that giggle they develop is one of the cutest things about a baby. Thanks for sharing that!

Diana said...

my my your kids are so very cute.