Friday, October 24, 2008

First Trip Back to Marquette

Anna and I went to Little Presque Isle with Grandpa Chuck, Gram Melissa, and Grandpa Dew. We played around on the beach and Riley and Buddy tired each other out. The first picture is of Anna running away from me so I couldn't take her picture. Think again Miss Anna! In the other, Anna is making acorn stew. Yum, yum!

Anna and Grandma Susan made some Halloween cookies for Anna to take to her friends at church on Sunday. The sprinkle master hard at work.

Anna at the pumpkin lot picking out a pumpkin with Grandpa Dewey (since they didn't have one at their house). Actually, she ended up choosing a little gourd. Hey, it was only 50 cents. Lucky Grandpa Dew.

My dad's birthday dinner. Pies galore! "Delish!" As Anna would say. Anna made a blueberry pie for Grandpa, but then wanted to eat it herself. She lost interest after a few bites. My sister Beth and her fam celebrated too.

Grandpa Chuck and Benjamin. Guy time. I love the first picture when they are totally reclined in the chair with Ben's pants unzipped. (Don't you like Chuck's beard?!) Oh, and Ben-Ben is smiling in the second one...he loved being flipped upside down.
Anna's slumber party with her Aunties KC and Ashley. She loved it!

Too soon to take a trip back home after only being gone for a couple months??? Not so...according to our family. And Anna. It was too cute seeing and hearing Anna's excitement at everything we did: "My old park!!!, My old house!!!, My old church!!!, My old library!!!" Needless to say, although I think she missed her daddy deep down, she was none too thrilled when our trip had to come to an end.
We were there for five days and packed tons in. Ethan had to be responsible and stay home to study for mid-terms...which was the whole reason the kids and I took this little trip. It was good seeing everyone. It was so fun for Anna. During the trip I thought the kids and I would probably not try this again...but we'll see. I missed Ethan and Ethan missed me. Ahhhh....
When we drove up, my mom was with us, so I was a little nervous about the drive home alone. It went perfectly. I left at 7:30 pm with a full tank of gas and two sleepy little kids. They were both asleep within 15 minutes and I didn't stop once. (I planned ahead with the amount of liquids I drank after 4pm...AND I did stretching/isometrics/etc. during the long deserted drive.) I saw two deer, always a heart pounding experience: "Please, don't move!" Also, I had cell reception the whole time as far as I could tell...even while driving over the Mackinac Bridge. Good to know. We got home at 1:30 am and Ethan was up waiting for us.
Anna thinks it's already time to start planning another "little trip" to Grandparent Land. While looking at some of the pictures we took on the trip Anna said, "I think maybe we need to go back there now. Yeah."
PS If anyone is interested in seeing another hilarious video of Anna and Benjamin laughing (this time at a balloon, not by being tickled) check out my parents blog: right hand side of web page, "Other Blogs I Visit", Dewey and Susan.


Mike and Adrianne said...

I love that picture of Anna at the pumpkin patch. We saw your mom last night. It was fun to see her.

Amy E said...

I love your update! How fun to go visit Grandparents. Anna is so cute and I think she and my girls would have fun together. Too bad we can't do a weekly playdate! Three-Four hours is just too long a drive. We'll have to get together sometime, though!!