Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Random Sweetness......

Visiting the local fire station when my parents were here visiting. They had a fire safety day for kids. Anna was a natural with the fire hose.
The girls: Gram Melissa, Ange, and Anna on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning cuteness. Did I mention our church doesn't start until 11am...such a perfect time! (Church lasts 3 hours, for those of you who are unaware of how the Mormons do it :) We share the building with another congregation that starts at 9 am. I hope we don't do a switch-a-roo January 1st.
The castle Anna and I made for her Polly Pockets. Not too shabby...but I've seen better. :) I'm just not a creative person so I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Really, Anna came up with most of the design.

Our little Chunky Monkey (Benjamin) riding a doggie at the park - with the help of Grandma Susan. Anna doing the "sweet look" she does oh so well.

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