Friday, September 5, 2008

Visiting Good Friends

The weekend before classes started we took a little trip down to Indianapolis (a measly 5 hours away now) to see my friend Elizabeth and her family. We had lots of fun, and the kids traveled so well. There were fun places to visit, new friendships made among our kids- Anna still asks when she can see her "new friends" again, and yummy food (thanks Liz and Adam). Elizabeth and I have been friends FOREVER. Well, at least since Sunbeams. *Sunbeams is a church class for kids 3-4 years.* We haven't even lived in the same town since 2nd grade, yet our friendship has stayed strong. After the kids went to bed the first night, Liz and I spent the next few hours reminiscing - sorry Ethan and Adam. Hehe...I'm sure you guys loved hearing about all our random stories...or not. It was so good to see her, and to finally meet her almost 2 year old twins. Her kids, Hanna and Noah, are aged (is that a word?) right between Anna and Benjamin, and they all played together beautifully. Well, Ben just laid there mostly, but I'm pretty sure he was wishing he could move around more. Above is Anna and Hannah playing in their kiddie pool. We had the typical Indiana weather while we were there: HOT and HUMID.

We went to the Indianapolis Zoo. Anna has known what a zoo is for a year and we were so glad to finally have the chance to take her to one. We saw everything including the dolphin show. Anna was in heaven! Luckily there was a sprinkler park so Anna could cool off and keep going. I think the monkeys impressed her the most. There was a little baby monkey that a few monkeys were fighting over, and Anna was just so interested and concerned. Ethan and I were probably most impressed with the walruses. Wow! The experience fulfilled all of Anna's expectations...and ours. (Anna's background info came from an Elmo's World show.)

The Indianapolis Children's Museum holds a special place in my heart. Seriously! I remember going there many times on field trips and with my family when I was younger. It was amazing. I was curious to see if it still held it's magic into adulthood. Most definitely! These pictures just don't give it justice. (It is one of the largest children's museum in the world.) Anna got to experience so many cool, hands-on exhibits. Above she is riding the carousel, and is so proud that she was brave enough to choose a horse that went up and down. Anna and I crept into an authentic feeling tomb, and we saw mummies and other Egyptian artifacts. She learned about rivers and water flow. She was mesmerized by the many intricate doll houses. The real life train was fun to walk through, but once the engine started making noise and blowing smoke, Anna was not so into it. She tried picking up one of the dino bones, but realized it was much too heavy for her. (She loves dinosaur stuff.) And the final picture is of a life sized bathroom that teaches proper hygiene. Of course that made me think, "How many kids have had their germy, grimy hands on all this stuff?" We saw so much more and we were only there for 2 hours. I want to go back sometime without kids :-), or at least with older kids. I LOVE THAT MUSEUM!
However, the best part of the trip was getting to spend time with good friends. It was great staying with Liz and Adam for a few days. I loved seeing our kids play together. The twins are adorable! It was so nice catching up. Thanks for a great weekend guys.

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Mike and Adrianne said...

It is always so fun to get to visit with good friends. It looks like you all had such a great time.