Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Hairstyles, New Toys

So Ben isn't the one with the new hairstyle. He's still working on overcoming his baldness...which I personally think really works for him. I mean, he pulls it off. hehe And he doesn't actually have any new toys either. BUT, he recently realized he can get his feet in his mouth (unless he's just had a meal) and really loves playing with his toes. Ben makes a pretty mean growling sound, and just gets so determined to get his feet into his mouth...it's scary sometimes. So animal like.

The exersaucer isn't new, but it's new to Benjamin. (It was Anna's - thanks again Granny.) He's been playing in it for awhile now and loves to be all grown up, standing tall. Anna tends to overcrowd it with toys to "make Ben happy" which usually just overwhelms him. He does love bouncing in it and trying to convince his hands to go where he wants them to...toward the toys. (The little hat Ben is wearing is Ethan's favorite.) Finally, just to mention all the pictures, Benjamin is still a very, VERY smiley baby. It's so easy to get him to smile, I just love it. So handsome, just like his daddy. I love my smiley little man!!!

Anna does have a new hairstyle...see above. She is growing out her bangs. So for the time being, we just clip them to the side. It's a whole lot of forehead to get used to...when you're used to bangs. I think it makes her look older. Perfect for achieving the mature, 3 year old look we were going for. I'll be honest, this was mostly, well completely, inspired by the fact that my mom was the one to cut her bangs. I'm just too nervous to do it. (Anna had fun making silly faces while I took pictures.)

In the first picture Anna is holding two little cut-out guys that were an unintentional part of craft time/school time. We were cutting out different shapes and were making objects out of them...houses, cars, etc. Then these guys happened. Anna named them Uncle Andrew and Uncle Alex. They had great fun together until "Uncle Alex" fell off the couch and had to get his arm bandaged (with tape). They had to take a rest after that. Anna's creativity and imagination INSPIRES me, AMUSES me, and AMAZES me. I love her!!!

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