Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ethan's First Day of School

Today was Ethan's first day at UM Flint's Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program. So far, so good. He liked it AND he's already been studying for a few hours this evening. Good job babe! Eth has 40 classmates and a small group of professors he will be working closely with for the next 3 years. On Monday, they had a team-building day that really helped to "break the ice" and get rid of some of the stress of the unknown. They emphasised time management, and the time commitment needed for the program. Whew, good luck! I'll be as supportive as possible.

Our first week here Ethan took all of us on a tour of campus. (That's why Anna is in all the pictures... no she didn't accompany Eth on his first day, but Daddy and Anna would have liked that too.) I thought campus was beautiful. The White building is where 99% of Ethan's classes will be, and was just recently built. There is a river running through campus, so of course Anna thought we had to try out the bridge. We went to the bookstore and got a little UM flag for Ben and Anna's room. Anna was very impressed with the escalator's and thought Daddy's new school was pretty fun. We all shared a few gyros for lunch at the Pavilion's food court. It was a fun day.


Becky said...

how fun!!! i love school...probably why I became a teacher hu? :) Good luck the nest 3 years. You guys are great!

Diana said...

Good luck Ethan. Looks like you had great first day.