Sunday, May 4, 2008

Graduation Day

Ethan graduated from NMU with honors yesterday. Good job baby! I'm so proud of him. Many of you know it was kind of a last minute occurance due to an acceptance letter he recieved one week ago from the University of Michigan's Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program. Desipte an extremely busy finals week, everything was lined up in time. There was still room for him to attend the honors breakfast with his parents and he was able to walk at graduation. His name just wasn't on the program. Oh well.
The graduation took 2 and a half hours, but seemed to go quickly. Whew! Both kiddies were really well behaved. Benjamin mostly slept. Here he is with his Grandma Melissa.
My mom played with Anna for some of it and we also took a few walks when they were going through all the names. Our seating made the whole event very doable - lots of room. Anna was a little confused why Ethan couldn't sit with us, and her feelings were hurt a bit, but she was really excited to see him on the "big TV." She kept telling him, "Daddy, you are graduated. 'Con-graduations.'"
It was a pretty chilly day, but no snow! This is the Superior Dome where graduation took place.

Ethan's dad, Chuck, teaches finance at NMU and also walked at graduation as faculty. Here are father and son all decked out in their robes.

Here is Ethan with Melissa and Chuck. We went out with our parents for a yummy dinner the night before graduation. Melissa even arranged a babysitter for us so we could enjoy the dinner with just "grown-ups". How nice! Always fun to have a reason to celebrate.

We're still looking forward to a pretty low-key summer. We just have to take a few trips down state to arrange housing and look around. We need to sell our cute little house, and do a few other things to get all ready to move on to this new stage of our lives. How exciting!


Alex said...

Congratulations Ethan !!
Happy graduation :) Better and brighter days are wating for you.
very nice post I like all the photos too.

Pat & Amber said...

Pat talked to Harry last night, and we found out you were moving. I thought it would be sad to move away from your families, but I looked on mapquest and saw you'll be less than 3 hours away from Ft. Wayne! Maybe we'll be able to see you more often...and all the little 2008 baby boys can get to know each other! Good luck with your move and congratulations Ethan!

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