Thursday, May 22, 2008

Anna Channels Betty Crocker

Anna loves to cook and bake with me. Here we were whipping up some cookies for daddy...and us. I love her goofy smile. She just cracks me up. I tried uploading a video of her, but ran into difficulties. Hopefully next time.
When Anna does something that she thinks is "naughty" she'll say to me, "You have to be nice to me, mom." (As in, don't get upset and don't put me in time out.) I'll give her credit, I do feel like being nice when she says that to me first.
Anna has started asking things or stating things and then telling us how she wants us to respond. It is hilarious. For example: Anna- "Please can I go outside to play. And Daddy you say 'Sure Anna'." Again, it's hard to say no when she's thought it through so thoroughly.

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