Saturday, March 8, 2008

That's my bubble hat!

There hasn't been anything too out of the ordinary going on around here, but we're having fun. Ethan's school/work schedule this semester is pretty much 8-5 with a lunch break thrown in there somewhere. So Anna and I have been trying to fill our days with interesting things, but I've got to be honest, my energy is running low. Ethan takes care of me so well, I can't even begin to explain, that I really look forward to 5 o'clock. Less than 4 weeks left until the baby - whoo hoo! I remember feeling sooooo much better as soon as I had Anna, I'm counting on that happening again. I have a c-section scheduled for the very beginning of April, but I am full term on March 16 so we'll see if I make it til then.

Some of the things Anna and I spend our time doing: Monday morning story time at the library, a Tuesday play group with friends from church, visiting daddy at work, going to my doctor appointments (Anna LOVES the doctors), reading books, doing puzzles - she's getting pretty good, and she loves to help me clean (although I haven't felt like cleaning too much lately, my belly is just too in the way, but Ethan has really, REALLY helped pick up my slack with cleaning. What a sweetie!) We also visit grandmas on a pretty regular basis.

Oh, Anna loves to help me cook. We both have aprons that she insists we wear anytime we make anything, even non-messy stuff. She knows what boiling should look like, what steam is, how to add in "just a bit," and she loves to help stir - which does make things a little messier. The funny thing is, even though we have been spending more time in the kitchen, she still calls it the 'chicken.' As in, "I'll go get a snack from the chicken." She has always spoken so well and enunciated very well that it is just hilarious that she cannot get this word down. Anyway, if we come across an amazing recipe in our culinary endeavors we'll be sure to share it.

Anna and I have been doing little school lessons most days. She loves it! She tells everyone that she has school classes and is always anxious to show them her "school stuff" which is a container of supplies we use for various things. Anna also tells people that I am her teacher, which is sweet and helps me feel like I'm putting my university education to use...even if she's not paying me for it. hehe It has been really great...I love watching her learn new things. It's amazing.

It is so wonderful having all this time with Anna. She is such an amazing sweet, caring, polite (usually), talkative, expressive, quirky, hilarious, opinionated, serious, fun! I know I am anxious to meet baby Benjamin, but I can't help but cherish this one-on-one time I have with Anna right now. Oh, the picture is of Anna in a bubble bath, to state the obvious. She was just really scared of bubbles for a while, so this is all kind of new for her. She loves making things out of bubbles, like the hat above.

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Anna said...

Cute picture and do cherish that one on one time. And keep it up once you have more babies. I am ready to pop as well. I was sure that I was in labor this morning but everything stopped when I took a shower. Bummer! Hey, did you know my brother's name is Benjamin. Now you just need a Matthew and a Elizabeth and you'll have my whole family:)