Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wrap Up . . .

Well, it's November 5th already, so I think it's time I do a quick wrap up of October. . .

First up, the church Halloween Party the Wednesday before Halloween!

I love the one of Chuck and Caleb, because Caleb looks so serious.  But he's got big elephant ears on the side of his head, so how can you take him seriously?  It makes me laugh.

Benjamin was a knight, but didn't keep his costume on most of the night.  (He got the knight stuff for his 3rd birthday this year, and still LOVES it.)  Anna was a belly dancer.  Chuck got the costume when he was in Europe at a Turkish Bazaar, and Anna LOVES dancing around in it. 
The one of Hudson and Cabers cracks me up . . . it looks like they both think the other looks completely ridiculous.  hehe.  I dressed up as a witch . . . with a floppy hat.  (The kids love when I dress up too.)  And the last one is Anna with her Auntie KC.
On Saturday, we went to another Halloween party with some friends from the Moms Group I'm in.  But, I didn't get any pics of that.  Yummy food, good conversation, and the kids had a blast. 

Caleb found a new snack that he LOVES. 

Anna got all festive the Thursday before Halloween (she doesn't go to school on Fridays).  And I believe that Ben-Ben is showing me what a brave knight he will be. 

On October 30th the Primary kids at church had their yearly Primary Program.  (I'm in the presidency, so I was pretty involved with it too. :)  Ben and Caleb are too young to participate, so it was just Anna.  All the kids did such an amazing job with the parts that they prepared, and sang all their songs so well.  There were 30 kids there that Sunday, which is great for our ward.  (A typical Sunday is 20-25 primary kids.)  We had so much positive feedback.  Yay!  I love those kids!  I also love the three kids in the above pics.  :)  We declared it cardigan Sunday for the boys in the fam (next time we'll all participate, hehe), and Anna chose her outfit because she wanted to look "grown up."

In October, Anna and Benjamin found a new use for the baby gate.  Looks . . .fun?

We went to Anna's school to see the parade on Monday, the 31st.  Auntie KC came, my mom walked up, and we met up with a few friends who have kids at the school.  For Halloween day and trick-or-treating, Anna decided to be a ladybug and Benjamin was a cowboy, and Caleb J was still an elephant.  Adorableness!  (Since we have a dress up box of old costumes, garage sale finds, hand-me-down costumes from older cousins, etc, there are always plenty of costumes to choose from.)  We went trick-or-treating with Anna's good friend Kate, and we even went to our soon to be new neighborhood.  (Our new house was not giving out candy. :(

The traditional sorting of the candy after getting back from trick-or-treating.  Anna was pretty excited she got a toothbrush from someone.  And I love their pink cheeks, although it was a pretty nice evening for the U.P.   

Now, on to NOVEMBER!!!  We should become homeowners again this month.  WOOOO HOOOOO!!!

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Cute, cute! Anna looks so much like you :)