Friday, November 11, 2011

Family Pictures 2011 . . .

I don't know exactly what it is, but this is my favorite picture of the whole bunch.  I love those babies. 

This is my favorite family shot, even though Ben and Caleb are looking pretty serious.  I love that we're all huddled together, the background, the sun coming in from the side, and my handsome hubs.  :)
I will blow this one up and frame it.

This is another cute family shot, but it's a little too . . . oh I don't know . . . typical?  I've always been a fan of more natural, in the moment photos, than the staged, everyone smile at the camera photos.  (I do think that Anna looks just beautiful in this one.) 
So, Caleb was a little nervous, unsure during this photo shoot, and so we got a lot of faces like the ones above.  haha.  He is usually my smiliest little guy.  Seriously, it's so easy to get him to smile, but apparently not for a stranger (who was taking our photos). 

My beautiful, sweet Miss Anna Ellene.  (She is such a natural, and loves getting her picture taken.) 

My handsome, silly Benjamin Parr Rayhorn.  (He loves to be referred to by his full name.)

My cutie, chubby Caleb Jones.  (He was either eating leaves or making weird faces during his turn.  But the photographer managed to get a few smiles.  Yay!)

We got some cool leaf throwing pictures.  (Wish you could see Caleb and Ethan better though.)

Just the girls, then just the boys. 

I love the background in this one with the lake and lighthouse, and that we're all sitting in a row.  But Benjamin looks a little off . . . :)

And finally, a few more family shots that aren't going to make the cut, but that I love. 

There are way more photos on facebook that you may have seen already (and I didn't even add them all).  So I didn't want to put TONS on here (but I still did, oops).   

We try to get family pictures every few years, and it had been 2+ years, AND another kiddo had joined the fam, so we thought it was time.  We're so used to our friend Brian McMillan taking our pics, and letting us exchange babysitting for them, that we'd been putting it off for awhile.  (Pictures are just SO expensive . . . and the McMillans moved.)  Anyway, I was very excited to hear that the MOMS Group I'm part of was having a fundraiser.  A friend of someone's in the group, who does photography as a side job, took pictures for families in moms club for a very low price, and part of the money would even go back to the club.  Awesome!  And you got the whole CD of pictures to make however many prints you want/size you want.  We were really happy with the pictures, all taken in a half hour time slot.  It's funny how hard it is to get a decent shot with three little kids involved, but I love the "outtakes" too.  :) 

So, any grandparents, parents, or siblings that would like to make a request for certain pictures, just give me a call or e-mail.  I plan on printing them in the next week or so. 


mjoray said...


Kelly said...

Such great pictures! I especially love the big individual shots of the kids ( you know what I mean?). They are adorable!

Ange said...

Thanks guys! And, Molly, would it make you even more jealous if I told you that we got these pics for a mere $40? I love a good deal! :)

Eujean said...

Anna is a mini you and Ben is a mini hubby and Caleb is a mix of both!!! Love the pics Jonesy!!!

Anna said...

Fun pics! Ben-ben looks JUST like Ethan...he has grown up so much! Cuties!