Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall, Beautiful Fall. . .

I was glancing at the blog and realized that we didn't have many "Fall-ish" pictures on here. And it's already October 17th, for goodness sakes!  The main reason is because we've had such warm, lovely weather this month, we haven't been doing many of our typical October activities.  But, luckily, it's now nice and brisk and chilly.  (40's and 50's)  Just like Fall should be.  hehe.  Well, before I get to the few autumnal photos I have, let me just share this one below. 

This is Grampa Dew and Caleb last week when it was 80 + degrees out.  I put this on here because a) It was my dad's birthday yesterday.  And, b)  I love the picture.  Caleb is always taking my dad's hats off his head, and putting them on his own, large melon. 

So, my dad turned 62 yesterday.  (And he only has 10 workdays left until RETIREMENT!)  My mom kept it low key since work people are planning a big retirement party for him in November, so just the in-town siblings and families came over for cake.  (My dad's fav is angel food with strawberries and whipped cream. . . in case you were ever wondering, "What in the world is Dewey's favorite cake??")  To earn the birthday treat, my mom said we all had to say a memory about my dad.  It was fun hearing everyone's stories.  They were mainly funny - Ethan's made me laugh the hardest, and a few sweet ones.  And I think everyone except Rebecca shared. . . we'll let it slide Becca.  :)  It was good to reflect - I have some really great memories of my dad.  The one that felt most touching to me was that when I was younger my dad used to "tuck me in" for the night with a handful of sayings/songs.  He did it all the time when I was little, and even occasionally during my high school years and beyond.  But, not since I've been married.

Well this past year, when Ethan was gone a lot, my dad came in and did the little routine a few different times.  It was sweet.  And a nice reminder that I'm always my "daddy's girl". . . even if it is his 29/30 year old daughter he is tucking in at night. hehe. (He doesn't literally tuck the bedding in . . . he kneels by the bed, or sits in a chair now that he's older, and sings a song and has a few other saying thingys. . . and some general chatting too.)  Sweetness. 

So after I shared that, Beth said, "Don't worry, I'm sure Stuart would love to tuck the girls in even when they're 30 . . . if they'll let him."      

A classic Fall activity:  We carved pumpkins tonight for Family Night!  Adorableness!

A friend of ours from church asked if the kids would dress up in Halloween costumes and be in a commercial for the pumpkin patch that she was producing.  (Anna is a fairy, Ben is a cowboy, and Caleb is an elephant in the wagon.  The pirate and fireman were the owner's grandsons.)  She e-mailed us a copy of  the commercial and it is soooo cute.  We're not allowed to share it though . . . maybe once it airs or is done airing?  Anyway, that is where we got our pumpkins this year.  The owner let the kids pick out any pumpkin they wanted as "payment" for the commercial.  (Caleb got a little pumpkin too, we just didn't carve it for him.  I'm going to let him color it, or stick Mr. Potato Head stuff in it tomorrow.)   

Well, I guess this post didn't turn out too Fall-ish after all.  This coming week we may try to go to a corn maze, and we have all the Halloween stuff coming up - church party, trick-or-treating, dressing up for school, Mom's Group family party.  Oh, and we had family pictures taken last Sunday afternoon, and I am sooooo anxious to see how they turned out.  They will be very fall-ish.  So, lots of fun stuff to look forward to.  Love this time of year! 

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