Sunday, October 2, 2011

Benjamin Bear

Little Ben-Ben started pre-school (Headstart) two weeks ago, and it was quite the adjustment.  Actually, the adjusting is still happening.  And knowing what I know about my little man, I wasn't really surprised that it's been hard for him.  He needs time to warm up to things;  Benjamin likes routine (more than your average 3 year old). The first day he was so excited to go.  He'd been looking forward to going to school for so long, and hopped right on the bus when it came.  I met up with him at school and helped him get situated.  He said good-bye, and was okay, but I could tell he was nervous . . . especially since he didn't realize that I wouldn't be staying at school with him.  The teacher sent a note home the first day and said Ben had a good day, but got sad (cried) a few times, but quickly got over it.

When he got off the bus the first day, he hurriedly said, "Mom!  I cried at school and they didn't let me call you."  But he said it in an excited, no big deal, kind of way.  I asked how school was, if he had fun, what he did, and he said, "Great!"   "Yeah!"   "I played with a new friend, Ruby."  All good answers.  Then, he said, "But I don't want to go back tomorrow."  

So, the next couple days got worse and worse, and I didn't know how long this pre-school thing was going to last.  Then, on Thursday of the first week (he goes Mon. - Thur. 10:00am to 1:30pm) I offered to drive him, and it made all the difference.  I think the bus thing was just too much, although he still rides it home.  He still says he doesn't want to go, but he doesn't cry anymore and he tells me all about the fun things he's doing and all the new, little friends he's making.  Sweetness.  

Oh, and can I just say that I LOVE the headstart program.  Benjamin's teacher is a fellow graduate of the El.Ed program at NMU, and I knew her from classes together. (There are also two additional aides in his class.)  I am going to start volunteering in his class on Wednesdays, and I'm very excited.  Once my kiddies are a bit older, I think this would be my ideal job to start out with!  I've also thought about starting to sub. for the headstart program . . . and maybe in public schools too.  I need to start getting back into the Education scene. . .  nothing extreme right now, but little by little.  :)   

Ben-Ben just got his hair cut a few days ago.  (See the pics above I just took tonight before bedtime.)  I LOVED his long, blonde haystack, but it was time. . . . always getting in his eyes, etc.  I think we'll let it grow out again.  Speaking of long, wavy locks  -  

These pics were taken during the summer, but I only posted them to facebook, not on here.  I think they just capture so much about my little boy.  Of course there's the obvious adorableness. . . hehe.  But I can see so much more in these pictures.  Maybe it's just because I'm his mama, but I see his curiosity, his playfulness and sillyness, his intelligence, his kindness and love . . . everything.  I love him.  Even when he throws little crying tantrums, or gets SO particular about things in his life, or when he doesn't listen.  I still love him . . . I could just work on staying more patient with him.  :)  Benjamin always says the most interesting, funny things.  (Wish I could remember something specific right now.)  I love the three year old, verbal age. . . and that he's still little enough for snuggling and smooching!  My favorite thing right now is when he's busy, busy, busy, but then takes a second to run up to me and say, "I love you, mama."  He's not the most affectionate kid out there, but can be such a sweetie, and he does have his moments with Ethan and I (and his Grandparents too :), and it makes them that much sweeter. 

Okay, final thing to wrap up this super long journal entry - I have some very, VERY exciting news to share with you in my next post.  Like, so exciting that I've been having trouble sleeping.  So, until next time -


Becky said...

Cute little boy! :) And you better do your next post ASAP!! :) It's hard for me to know about very VERY exciting news and not know what it is. :)

Ange said...

I'll try, Becky . . . but I can tell you it's not a baby (no more of those for me :), in case that's where your imagination was going. hehe.