Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This Is It . . .

Ethan graduated on August 28th, 2011 from the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at the University of Michigan, Flint campus.  I am so incredibly proud of him.  He worked hard and did well.  He had a lot to balance, with some of the church volunteering and responsibilities he had, and as one of only a few students who had children. . . let alone two children, with a third born during the program.  Ethan took such good care of us, even when he was so incredibly busy with classes, papers, projects, presentations, studying, meetings, clinicals, etc. 

It was so great (and fun) celebrating Ethan that weekend, and making a special little trip downstate to his graduation.  He deserved it!     

We had a celebratory dinner on Saturday night at a yummy place in Frankenmuth, where we were staying (and, no, Ethan doesn't usually eat like that . . . he was just being "funny").  Quick shout out to KC, who kept Cabers happy and fed most of the weekend.   hehe.  Note - One should never stay in the city of Flint.  It just isn't done.  hehe.  But, campus and the few blocks of surrounding downtown Flint is really, very nice.

On the drive down, we all packed into our van, including my parents.  So every seat was taken and it was a cozy, little trip.  For the trip home, we switched it up a bit and Anna and I drove home with KC and Melissa (and Chuck went in the van) and had some fun, girl time.  Wheee! 
The pics above show a scenic overlook at a rest area along the way.  Benjamin goes potty about every hour, so it was a long trip, but with lots of pretty scenery.  :)   The other pic is from our hotel room at Zehnders's Splash Village in Frankenmuth.  My parents got a family suite there in honor of Ethan's graduation. . . and to make the trip exciting for the kiddos too.  
Also, check my dad's blog for a few pics of the kiddos in the awesome indoor water park at Splash Village.  The kids LOVED it.  www.deweyandsusan.blogspot.com
It doesn't show the biggest water slides they have - that I would scream down when Anna or Ben insisted that I take them - but you get the idea.  :) 

The morning of the graduation, we had some time to kill, and Caleb needed some quiet for a morning nap.  Ethan and I took the older two to walk around Frankenmuth and we reminisced about how much we loved our time downstate.  (We lived about 15 minutes away from the Frankenmuth/Birch Run exit.) 

Ethan being hooded!!!  (Love the funny looking robes of graduate students. hehe.)
It was fun for Ethan to see most of his classmates again, and for me to catch up with the few I know.

Oh, my handsome man.  So proud of him. 

Love these shots of the kids.  You can see how excited they are for their daddy!  :)

Ethan with his proud parents, Chuck and Melissa.  And Ethan with his Gramma, Lee, who made her visit to Michigan long enough to include this graduation.  Thanks, we were so happy you were there with us!

And finally, me and my sweets.  Love him.

So.  Ethan has graduated.  He takes his licensure exam tomorrow.  He has a wonderful job lined up at U.P Rehab Services that begins on Monday.  I am so grateful for him, and all the hard work he put in to get us here.  Yay!!!  Good job, babe!  

Now, I can't believe we aren't students anymore. 
 But, it's a good thing.  :)     


Kelly said...

Yay! Congratulations! That is a huge accomplishment and now you can move on to another stage of life :)

I had to smile when you talked about screaming down the slides because I could picture it!

We definitely need to try to meet up sometime. Maybe we could meet half-way. I don't know my geography of this part of the country yet. Where would that be?

The McCulloughs said...

Congratulations to Ethan!!! AND to you Angela!! :)

Becky said...

How great!! Congrats to your whole family. :)

mjoray said...

I am glad he is done!!!

Ange said...

Thanks everybody! We're very, very excited. :)