Friday, September 16, 2011

Caleb J. is TEN MONTHS!

Today, Caleb is 10 months old.  Wow, time flies.  I'm thinking about one year ago, September 2010, when I was so uncomfortably preggers, and Ethan was gone most of this month.  Not fun.  It seems like forever ago.  And just look at Caber Z. now . . .

A day at the park last week.  Eating sticks, rolling around in the grass.  You know, the usual.  (It was kinda funny - Caleb started rolling down the hill, unintentionally, and couldn't stop.  Notice I just kept taking pictures, and my friend actually went to "rescue" him.  hehe.)  I like that Caleb still uses a nuki, and doesn't typically take it out himself, because it keeps him from eating all kinds of things he shouldn't.  Nice. 

Breakfast - with Anna and Ben-Ben too.  Mmmmmm. 

My big, smiley boy.

So, Cabers is 10 months old.  This past month he had an explosion of development.  It's been so fun and exciting to watch.  I think because I know he's my last, and because Caleb had such a sad, rough start, every little milestone is so significant again . . . just like it was with my first, Anna Bean. :)  Who am I kidding, it was exciting with Ben-Ben too. 

Caleb has finally moved on from his "walrus," stomach crawl (or flop chop, as Ethan called it), and is crawling like a "normal" baby now.  He pulls himself up onto things, but only to his knees.  If you stand him up he can hold himself up and balance well.  He does lots of baby babbling now - dadada, and lalala, and ahahah being the most common.  He has six little teeth - SIX.  He eats all kinds of things, baby food and bits of softer "real" food.  He LOVES to eat . . . and gets pretty worked up over it a lot of the time (super impatient and demanding!).  Cabers has such a fun, happy, lovey, snugly side to him.  I love it.  I think my favorite is when he just randomly rests his head me . . . which makes me think he's telling me he loves me, but it could just be because he has such a big head and needs to rest it somewhere. 

And if I want to be a completely honest momma, which I do :), smiley little Caleb has a "complainy," discontent side to him too.  Man, sometimes he just gets on a role.  During these moments, if you give him your undivided attention, and entertain him, or even just pick him up, then he'll be fine.  But that's not always an option. . . but we manage.  Kind of.  hehe.  (I say kind of because he is KILLING my back.  He's such a chub, which I love, but he's soooo heavy.  Sometimes I think I can't possibly pick him up one more time . . . and then I do.  And then Ethan often cracks my back and rubs it at night - sweetie!  But I digress. . . .hehe.) 

Oh my goodness, Caleb loves to laugh and chuckle . . . it's so cute.  He's also a good little sleeper, thank goodness!  (We've been so lucky with this THREE times . . . even with our early riser, Benjamin Bear.)  Caleb J. loves being sung to, and clapping his hands, and feeling like he's "in" on the joke.  Love him!  I can't believe we're only two months away from Caleb's first birthday.  He's come sooooo far!  Yay!    

Note - I've got so much blogging to catch up on . . . it's kind of overwhelming.  Maybe I'll just do a little summary post next.  Ethan's B-day, Ashley's wedding, camping trip, first day of school, and a few other odds and ends.  So, just look forward to that for next time . . . if I get around to it.  :)         

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