Sunday, June 5, 2011

Best. Week. Ever. . . .

So, blogger isn't allowing me to upload any pictures right now, and I'm too tired to figure out why.  I still wanted to write a quick journal entry about this past week because it was just so perfect.  Have I mentioned how much I love my family?  :)

We did so many fun things.  Such great family time.  And the kids kept saying, "You don't have to go back to Alpena, Daddy."  As if Ethan would forget that small detail if they didn't keep reminding him. hehe.   

Ethan and I had some alone, one-on-one, time with the kids. Priceless. 

We hiked Sugar Loaf Mountain all together.  Beautiful. 

We went swimming two different times, minus Cabber Bottoms.  (Even though we had a few warm days this week, the water was still freezing, so we mostly just played around at McCarty's Cove, and then South Beach.  Ethan did go under . . . brave soul.  And I think both the kids fell in at least once. :)  The kids remembered why they LOVE going to the beach!  Except when they get scoured by wind/sand.  Seriously, it's super traumatic for them, even though all the other kids at the beach seemed fine with it.  It was so funny, and so sad all at the same time.     

I took Anna and Benjamin to the Children's Museum on Friday.  We let Anna skip school on Friday to allow for more family time.  (She thought that was so special.) 

We fed Caleb his first taste of baby food - rice cereal.  Adorableness.  And messy.  :) 

WE POTTY TRAINED BENJAMIN!!!  Finally.  This is exactly when I was planning on potty training him in the first place.  But since he showed interest in going potty since last fall, we didn't want to stifle his attempts.  :)  He's had ups and downs, but this is the real deal, baby.  Last Saturday we did the whole "cold turkey" thing with Ben-Ben, just like we did with Anna.  No diapers.  No pull-ups.  Just underpants.  So, it's been just over a week, and it is going SO.  GOOD.  He's had a few accidents here and there, but also goes days without any.  And he is great at telling us when he has to go, so we don't really have to worry about making him "try" all the time. . . he knows when.  :)  Such a good feeling. . . and money saver!

We had a movie night all together. 

I enjoyed some kid-free time with friends this week, which is always appreciated.  Thanks, babe!  Fun, fun. 

We took the kids to the high school track to run around and "train" for a race we want to do together.  The July 2nd, Firecracker Race.  I think I'm going to try and do the 5K, and we'll all do the mile race together. 

Ethan was able to share the "take the kids to the doctor" responsibility since he was off this week.  That was especially helpful since we had a big developmental clinic for Caleb which takes a few hours, a dentist appointment for Benjamin, and pediatric cardiology appointment for Caleb J.   

Caleb was the smiley-est little babers ever.  That's not really specific to this week, but it just melts my heart.  And I like to think he is enjoying all this extra daddy time . . . I know I am!  (Ethan's been doing the 6:30am feeding. . . woo!) 

Ethan and I had a lot of alone time after the kiddies went to bed at 8pm sharp :). . . went for walks, rented movies, watched the NBA finals, talked about "grown up things" (since the kids pretty much dominate the conversations when they're awake), etc. 

Family walks.  Playing games.  Reading book.  You know, the usual.  But it was so special because we were ALL TOGETHER again.  Happiness.

It was such a great week.  It was just what we needed.  Especially since this coming week is going to be SO. BUSY.  -  Ethan starts his final internship tomorrow.  Dance practice, and extra rehearsals for the dance recital for Anna.  A Doctor/Dentist appointment for Caleb and Anna.  A primary presidency meeting for me.  Last week of school, including a "graduation" program for Anna.  A few more things I'm forgetting.  AND Meg, Jake and Rorie will be in town, so we'll want to spend lots of time with them.

So, life goes on . . .   


Anna said...

What a wonderful week and loved the pics! Totally jealous about the potty training. We may be on to try again during our month off school in July. But that is MY vacation and I really don't want to spend it doing pt related dirty work, if you know what I mean:) Glad you are so happy!

mjoray said...

We go to Michigan every year for vacation- up to the sleeping bear dunes. Your pictures look so much like Michigan. It makes me really excited about going!