Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anna's Big Week . . .

Last week was the last week of school, and Anna had a few big events. Like, Kindergarten Graduation!  Above, Anna is getting her "diploma" from Mrs. Longton.  Man, she's growing up so fast.  And this is a graduation for "Young Fives" kindergarten which means Anna will be in regular Kindergarten next year, since she has a late birthday.  I'm glad she got in to this program, for so many reasons, but mainly because I think it will keep her "younger" longer.  I am in no rush to see my kids grow up!  :) 

So, I went to the graduation thinking it was all a little silly . . . that our society really celebrates every little thing in life.  I still think that's true, but I was surprised that I got emotional and a little teary eyed during the ceremony.  It's hard to see your kids grow up.  Good, but hard.  I could tell Anna thought it was so special and important.  Also, I LOVED the teacher Anna had this year, and seeing Mindy get choked up about saying good bye to the kids was touching to me as well.     
 Sweetie Benjamin giving Anna a hug and an animated, "You graduated!" while baby Caleb looks on.  Love that all three of Ethan's sisters, Anna's Aunties, were able to make it.  And finally, Anna with Gramma Suse.  How would Anna have made it through this school year without her?!  hehe.

 This first shot shows how Benjamin occupied himself during the graduation ceremony.  Pretend food and pretend cooking.  Typical.  And the second one shows the whole group that was there (including Caleb, but you can only see his feet).  The note said to invite anyone the kids wanted - grandparents, aunts, uncles, close family friends, etc.  Anna had the biggest turn out, and we didn't even tell all the fam about it.  What a lucky girl!  :)  And Grampa Dewey took us out to Border Grill after for a little celebratory lunch.  Yummmm.   

I loved looking through the memory book Anna's teacher put together.  It showed work from the beginning of the year, compared to the end of the year (and had lots of fun pictures of all the kids).  Anna learned so much during the school year!  She went in not quite knowing all of her letters, especially lower case, and now she is in the beginning stages of reading!  Anna sounds out words, and short sentences all the time.  Wow . . .   

Anna also had a dance recital that week, including a few long pracitices, and two performances. The picture above shows the dance recital practice on Saturday morning.  This is the grand finale number at the end. . . hence all the dancers up there, and not everyone in full costume.  Anna had a fantastic teacher, Miss Kristen, and a great experience in her ballet class.  
 Anna with her cousin Rebecca, who was also in the recital.  Rebecca did a ballet number as well, and did beautifully!  And they happened to have similar styles in costume, fun.  I was glad Rebecca was there at all the practices and performances because they were LONG.  And although they had supervisors, Anna is only five, and it would have made me nervous if Becca wasn't there too.  Thanks for keeping an eye on her!  :)  The second picture shows Grampa Dewey giving Anna some flowers after her performance.  She was so excited about that.  AND, she got flowers at her Sunday performance too, from Grampa Chuck. 
 Cutie pie. 
Anna doing some posing after we got her all ready for the show on Saturday evening.  (Minus her ballet slippers.)  Don't look too closely at her make-up . . . I had NO idea what I was doing, but the directions were very specific on what she should wear for stage make-up.  :)  Her bun was a big improvement from when I did it for her pictures, but all of this stuff really isn't my strong suit. 

Most importantly, Anna had fun.  She loved performing and was SO ADORABLE.  Anna thought the whole experience was special and really "took to the stage."  She thought it was especially exciting that she got to stay up until 10:30pm on Saturday night!  Three hours past her bedtime.  I love that Anna was able to take ballet this year, and have the whole experience.  She may be on to other interests next year, but this experience will always be such a great, precious memory!  Good job, little Anna!!!

Now, on to enjoying the summer! 

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