Monday, May 16, 2011

Life's Little Happenings . . .

APRIL 30, 2011.  Happy Anniversary!  SEVEN YEARS, BABY! 
Anna and Benjamin really wanted to make our anniversary extra special this year . . .  after my mom explained what an anniversary is.  They're such sweeties.  Anna wanted to plan a whole, big party . . . but there just wasn't time for that in the day.  Plus, seven years . . . she can plan one for our 25th.  :)  They made us signs and prepared some special pretend food for us.  It kind of hurt their feelings that we would go do something special - ALONE - together later that day.  Why wouldn't we want to celebrate the whole day with them!?  hehe. 

We kept it low key this year, but our date was so fun.  I really wanted to DO something.  So, we had Chuck and Melissa babysit all three bambinos (thank you!!!) for a few hours on the afternoon of our anniversary, and we went to play some tennis.  Loved it.  Ethan beat me - big time - but it was nice to play again since I couldn't last summer.  Love Ethan's game face in the picture above.  hehe. 
We followed it up with one of our favorites - Border Grill.  Mmmm. 
AND, we both got new rings.  Nothing fancy, but I L-O-V-E the ring Ethan got for me.  I've gotten so many compliments on it (and it's just a cheap-ish ring from Target! :)  The picture doesn't do it justice.  I love the diamond ring Ethan picked out for me when we got engaged, but currently it's a bit tight, and I like having other, more non-traditional options to wear too.  Ethan got a new ring too.  He's on to his 7th - one for every year we've been married.  Hehe.  (Some have lasted years, some months, and the original was lost in less than a week while we were snorkeling in the Atlantic Ocean.  So, needless to say, we don't spend much on Ethan's rings.  He hasn't been able to find his last one for a few months.  This was a $10 ring from ShopKo, but it does it's job.  hehe.)  So, not really important, or that exciting, but I loved picking out new rings for each other on our anniversary!  
I love Ethan.  He's my best friend.  My favorite person.  My love.  And it feels awesome to know he feels the same way about me.  I'll keep the mushy stuff short, since I've gushed about Eth many times before.  :) 

Loved the sweet little notes and presents from my little ones this year.  Ben got me squirt guns, Anna got me some stick on jewels for crafts, and Ethan got me a pretty note-pad to make lists on (perfect! :).  The kids  were trying to be so thoughtful, and picked out the presents themselves, and wanted to make "my day" so special.  Precious.
I love being a momma.  I love my three babies.  I feel so blessed and so grateful when I think of the sweet spirits Heavenly Father sent to Ethan and I.  It's not always easy, and sometimes I get overwhelmed, or don't stay as patient as I should.  But, I keep trying.  I keep trying to do my best.  I try to do fun, positive things with them everyday.  I love the little moments in motherhood - the snuggles on the couch, the songs, the precious conversations, the holding of sleeping babies, etc.  Love it.  Love them.


Caleb and I surprised Ethan in Alpena last week.  We thought we should check out the area, since he's loved it so much at his current clinical placement.  (And they've loved him. :)  It was SO FUN surprising Eth, and it was fun to have alone time with Caber Bottoms. . . and have some extra time with Ethan. We got there Monday afternoon and left Wednesday after Ethan's lunch break.  So, two days of fun in Alpena. . .

Ethan drove us around, giving us the grand tour of Alpena.  Second picture shows Caleb and Ethan snuggling at the Motel Tuesday morning.
Caleb and I went to the Shipwreck Maritime Museum one day while Ethan was at the Clinic.  It was really cool (and free! :), but Caleb slept through most of it.  They had a replica of a ship built inside the museum that you could tour, and it felt like you were out on a stormy night - lights, rocking, the sounds of thundering and waves.  The Thunder Bay Museum is the only National Maritime Sanctuary located on a lake and not the ocean.   The area of Lake Huron right by Alpena is known as Shipwreck Alley, and it was really cool learning about all the wrecks.  So, if you're ever in the area. . . hehe.
And finally, Caleb J. was such a good little traveler.  I was a little nervous about going so far with him by myself (no one in the back to entertain Caleb J. if he got fussy), but I seriously could not have asked for a better, happier baby on this trip.  Cabsie was a HUGE hit at the clinic Ethan works at, and smiled and charmed the pants off everyone.  He became instant buddies with Ethan's Clinical Instructor, Wynne (who had us over for dinner while we were there, so sweet).  It was too cute.  Everyone gave him the nickname, "Cheeks" which is pretty appropriate for Caleb.  hehe.  Thunder Bay Therapy and Sports Medicine seemed like a great, friendly PT clinic.  Ethan has loved his time there, and we were glad to see it and meet everyone.  AND, Caleb even got a little physical therapy in with his daddy while he was there.  hehe.

These are the matching jammies the kiddos got in their Easter baskets this year.  Love seeing Caber's and Ben-Ben matching.  (And Anna loves being unique. :)  Couldn't resist a little picture time before bed.  Love them.   

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Happy Anniversary! I love the rings. . . Nice choices! And the surprise trip sounds like it was fun! Caleb is so big and adorable! :)