Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Friends - They Come and They Go . . .

We are grateful for good friends in our lives, but recently we've had to say good-bye to a few of them.  No fun.  (And yes, I include some family as good friends too. . . you know, the whole "blood is thicker than water" thing.)  Above are pictures of the kids with their friends Logan and Jay.  Their family moved to Utah this past week and we are going to miss them all so much!  We already do.  Benjamin has asked numerous times if he can play with, have a picnic with, or go to the park with Logan many times. . . and it hasn't even been a week.  Those two played so well together, and it was fun for Ben-Ben to have some "boy" time, since Anna was at school during many of the get togethers.  We had our final "play date" last Monday and it ended up lasting the whole day . . . which we were all happy about.  :) 
Here are a few pictures of Anna with one of her good friends, Kate.  They are such sweeties together.  And I love that they do the "girl" thing together.  Sometimes it's hard for our fancy Anna, being the only girl with two younger brothers.  Little brothers just don't understand sometimes.  So, yay for girl play dates.  Anyway, Kate isn't moving, but we might be. . . . since we don't know for sure where Ethan will be getting a job.  When Anna asks us about potentially moving, leaving Kate is one of the things that make her sad to think about it.   
Caleb is such a smiley, happy, interactive baby.  He's only had a few moments of "stranger fear," and usually warms up to people pretty quickly.  He just smiles his big, adorable, cheeky smile at everyone and wins them over immediately.  :)  His "friends" mostly consist of his family, but he's starting to venture out in to the big, wild world.  I love the picture of Grampa Dewey and Caleb catching up after a long day, and of course I love the big gummy smile in the second one.  :)  I couldn't resist a smooch. 

Finally, cousin Rorie Pie.  Meghan and Rorie moved a few weeks ago, and it's been so sad.  Anna and Ben-Ben miss their cousin, friend, and playmate so much.  I think they are just finally starting to understand what "moving away" means. . . or at least they don't ask where Rorie is quite as often.  When it was just Anna and Rorie, they did the sweet, girl thing.  But, man, add Benjamin to the mix and both the younger ones changed - and not for the better.  Then, Anna mostly acted as the mediator between the two little ones . . . because they needed a lot of mediating.  They all loved each other sooooo much, and would always be super excited to see each other.  But, within a few minutes Rorie or Benjamin would be upset, or crying, or not sharing, or taking toys, or hitting.  It. Was. Crazy.  I'm pretty sure neither of them were ever like this with other kids, just each other.  Cousin love, I guess.  We really had to limit "Rorie exposure" for the first while we lived here.  hehe.  But, it got better, even though they still had their moments.  By the time they left, Rorie and Ben-Ben were mostly playing well together . . . all three of them.  And when we let them, they would be all over baby Caleb J. too. Luckily, we'll be seeing them two more times this summer, so we got to save our "real" good-byes until later.  Then, the Kenison family will be off on their new adventure in San Diego with the Navy.  We are grateful for the year we had to live close to them - right around the corner.  And although the kids are little (I don't have any memories from when I was 2/3 . . . and hardly any from when I was 5), I hope they can at least look back at pictures and perhaps have faint memories or their time together this year.      

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