Monday, June 7, 2010

Visitors . . .

Like I said last time, we've had lots of visitors lately, and more on the way. Yay!!! So, I am sad to say that when KC and Melissa visited, I did not take one single picture. Oops! I wasn't feeling well that weekend, and had to miss out on a few activities. We had a great time though, and I would have to say the high point of the visit was the bond Benjamin and Melissa shared. Ben-Ben has definitely gotten over his shy stage, for the most part, and loves when people come to visit. But, I have seen nothing like how he acted around Melissa, except with Ethan and I. If he got hurt, and I'd ask if he wanted a hug or snuggle, he would reply, "Gramma do it." If someone had to get him out of his car seat, it could only be Gramma. If someone asked if he wanted to read a story he would reply, "Gramma read a story." He only wanted to sit by Gramma, hold Gramma's hand, tell Gra Melissa his inner most thoughts, etc. It was adorable!

My parents came for the Memorial Day weekend and we packed in a lot of fun. It was still incredibly hot that weekend...80's and 90's. Swimming at our apartment's pool was a must. My mom also fulfilled one of Anna's dreams: Splash Village in Frankenmuth, an indoor water park. Anna has wanted to go so badly since we drove past it right after we moved here. Two years later, and she got to go with her Gramma Susie. I felt so bad for my mom; Anna couldn't get enough of the water slides, and it took some convincing to get her to go on the Lazy River or different activity. My mom said she was feeling a bit dizzy and queasy by the end. Thanks mom! I didn't get any pictures, but I believe there is one here on my Dad's blog.

While in Frankenmuth, the rest of us toured around, and had dinner at Zhenders. Fun, fun! And delish!

We met up with my Uncle Harry and Aunt Linda at Turkeyville. It's a tourist-y spot, and was a lot of fun. Everyone handled the drive/day pretty well. Benjamin loved looking at the animals the most. Above he is trying to put his hat on the horse. So cute. And I love Anna in her little hat...adorable!
We had a BBQ and picnic on Sunday afternoon. My kids LOVE corn on the cob...just like their mommy. We also went to a hot air balloon launch, which was very cool to see. Again, you can see pictures here. Funny thing, Ben-Ben loves balloons. He gets super excited whenever he sees them, and keeps pointing them out until we all acknowledge the balloon. So, I was very surprised at how much he did NOT enjoy the hot air balloons. I guess I understand since it was pretty noisy, and they are SUPER HUGE up close. I think the thing that worried him the most was that there were actual people lifting up into the sky with the balloon. It seemed like maybe he was nervous he would somehow end up in one of those baskets. Too funny! Once they were further away, he would loosen his grip and started to enjoy it more.
So, now we are looking forward to a weekend with Meghan and Rorie. It's finally cooled down some, but I'm sure swimming will still be on the agenda. I'll keep you posted!

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