Saturday, June 19, 2010

Crossroads Village . . .

We were lucky enough to go to Crossroads Village not one, but two times at the beginning of June. The kids had a blast, as the following pictures will show. Enjoy!

Anna and Benjamin resting up in a tree for a bit. (The kids are wearing socks with their sandals because of bugs...just thought I'd clarify. :)

Our first trip to Crossroads village was the end of year activity for the playgroup the kids and I attend here in Clio. It was on a Saturday, so even Ethan got to go. Yay!

Part of the attraction is a restored town from the 1800's. Anna was old enough to begin to understand what "a long time ago" means. She began to grasp that people lived differently back then, and thought it was pretty interesting. And Benjamin was little enough to be interested in everything regardless. I love the picture of the woman helping the kids churn butter. Ben-Ben was a pretty aggressive churner. And it was so amusing how cool Benjamin though this little church house was. He kept saying, "I go church too. Go nursery, sing songs." How do you explain to a two year old, that this church is just for looking? Hmmm...

Anna's favorite part were the rides. Benjamin was a little apprehensive of most of them, and even got a little nervous watching Anna on the rides. But as you can see, he tried the train ride and was so proud of himself, and Ethan took him on the Ferris Wheel, although I don't think he would have chosen to do that. In the Ferris Wheel picture, Ethan and the kids are in the yellow one on the left.

I went on the carousel with Anna and it is surprisingly fast! I thought I might loose my footing a few times, but managed to stay on. hehe. Anna is pretty fearless and just loved it all.

So, a week later, Anna and I got to go to Crossroads Village again. This was the activity planned for the last shebang for Anna's pre-school. We met up with Anna's best friend from pre-school, and her parents, and the girls stayed together the whole time. The high point of this visit was that the pre-school provided a free train ride for the kids and one adult. I love the picture of the girls chatting up the Conductor. So cute.
My favorite from the pics above, are the girls covering their ears. They were both nervous about the noise of the train whistle. But, we were at the very back of the train, so it wasn't bad at all. We looked around the town again, and rode a few rides. The pre-school also provided a lunch for everyone. It was a very fun day, and extra special that it was a mommy/daughter day.

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