Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Anna and Ben-Ben waving to one of our neighbors.

Brother and sister playing together. This was Benjamin's first experience with snow this season. He loved it at first and went stomping around...then the excitement wore off, and he wanted to go inside and get warm. Ben-Ben is sporting a new winter jacket his Granny Lee got him last year. So cute!
I love the last picture of both kiddies making snow balls. I'm pretty sure Ben-Ben doesn't even know that's what he's doing...he just always wants to do what Anna is doing. *Oh, and notice the jacket Anna is wearing. Look familiar? I LOVE this little corduroy jacket with the pink floral lining, and this is the THIRD year Anna has been able to fit in it. (Yes, she's really evened out over the last few years. :) So, I do love a good garage sale, but think I'm pretty picky about what I buy: I look for good brands, preferably some-what "trendy" clothes (i.e. not the stuff from the 80's my mom always manages to you mom :), and I look for good condition. This jacket was a "nearly new" Old Navy jacket that I got for $3.00. That's a dollar a winter people! Just had to mention it. Oh, and my mom bought an adorable jacket/snow pants combo on clearance at Kohl's last spring, so Anna is not destitute.*
Throwing snow! Ben trying to make a break for it! Ha, Ben-Ben couldn't stop licking the inside of his hat. I think he just liked the new texture, 'cause I'm sure it didn't taste that good.
Some sweet shots of the babes to use for a Christmas craft with Anna. Hhehehe, the last picture is priceless. Anna did most of the decorating of the tree, as if you couldn't tell by the lop-sidedness, and all bulky ornaments at the bottom. I re-did the tree that night, and told Anna the tree couldn't hold everything she put on. I should have taken an "after" picture. It's a pretty cute, little tree.
Everyone says that Benjamin looks like a little Ethan, so we thought we'd finish off the look by having him try on Daddy's glasses. Precious!
So, here's a little week (and a half) in review... We decorated for Christmas the Monday after Thanksgiving for family night, after listening to the Nativity story. Anna LOVED! the decorating, and was just an adorable bundle of holiday cheer. Magical! We had a family movie/popcorn/hot chocolate night a few nights ago. (We watched Elf...a new melinium classic!) We had Gra.Melissa and Auntie May-May come for a quick shopping weekend, and were treated to Cracker Barrel - tradition - AND a very "fancy" dinner. (That was Anna's description of Olive Garden. Thanks again Gramma! What a special treat.) And finally, we played in the snow. Whoo Hoo! I love snow in December and know, the whole white Christmas thing. Sadly, all of our snow mostly melted the same day. But still, we had a fun afternoon playing in it. Auntie KC called Anna this morning to let her know they just got TONS of snow in Marquette. So, Anna was relieved to hear that even if we don't have it here, we'll still be able to enjoy plenty of snow on our trip up north. Yay!


Diana said...

What gorgeous pictures Angela.
What a fun time you had. I love December and Christmas time.

Dewey and Susan said...

You are a great blogger.

Daddy Dew